Ways to Control Wildlife at Home This Winter

Cold winter weather often sends rodents scrambling towards warm shelter and your house could be next. Read more to learn about the various ways that you can prevent these pests from entering your home this winter.

As the cold weather begins to quickly approach, the streets become emptier while we take shelter in our homes to avoid the cool winter chill. Similarly, rodents mimic this behaviour and are unfortunately notorious for invading approximately 21 million homes each year with roughly 45% of these intrusions occurring during the fall and winter. Consequently, pests in houses have created an ongoing series of mouse problems across the GTA, but don’t panic – we have a few tips and tricks that you can follow this winter!

Evaluate the Exterior

Rodents vary in size and have a unique body structure that gives them the physical ability to fit in and between confined spaces. Rats can squeeze through pathways the size of a quarter and mice can successfully pass through spaces the size of a dime, while a raccoon-sized creature can enter through an opening as wide as 6-inches. As a result, when examining your home’s exterior walls, SOS Wildlife Control recommends you to look for light coming through cracks. Pay special attention to areas where utility pipes are present; any form of damage can act as an entryway for pests, as they may enter your home through sink and bathtub drains. Another tip is to feel for air movement between crevices which may ultimately point you to a crack that may have been missed and to replace loose mortar and weather stripping.

Rodents are scavengers and generally have sharp teeth to complement their lifestyles. Rats and mice have sharp teeth known as incisors, which are highly specialized for gnawing on and through tough material. With this in mind, SOS Wildlife Control highly suggests homeowners to fill larger gaps on exterior walls with thick material including pieces of steel wool. The roughness of the steel fibres makes it difficult for rodents to gnaw through the material.

Focus on Windows and Doors

These are the most likely entry points for pests. If you plan on ever leaving your windows or doors open, you should fit them with screens, or check any existing screens for tears. Inspect the doors and windows for any cracks and seal any with inexpensive caulk or foam, if present. Once again, feel for air movement that may be a result of a present draft from your windows and doors.

Put Screens on Vents

Not every hole should be plugged up. Some are there for a reason, such as air vents in the kitchen or under cupboards. Installing screens allows air ventilation to take place while ensuring your home’s security against unwanted pests. Rodents (mice in particular) are both scavengers and mobile animals so be sure to replace or mend damaged screens immediately to prevent them from traveling in and around pathways throughout your home.

Control Your Garden

Plants close to the house provide a haven for insects and rodents as they await their chance to dart through an open door.  More importantly, the presence of fresh food is a key factor that causes pests to continually visit homes. Rats and mice feed on a variety of fruits and vegetables; popular garden fruits and vegetables that these animals take a liking to include carrots, cabbage, blueberries blackberries. To reduce the likelihood of rodents invading your home, keep garden plants about 1 to 2 feet away from the house. Like raccoons, rats and mice are known to scavenge through garbage bins while seeking for food. To reduce the likelihood of rodents loitering around your home, secure your garbage bins shut and place them an agreeable distance from home entry points. If you have any pets, it is also advised that you feed them away from doors and windows as well, due to the fact that numerous pet foods such as bird seeds have been known to attract these scavengers.

Monitor, monitor and monitor

Vigilance is key. Pests mount their primary attacks on our homes twice a year – president of Green Earth Pest Control, Josh Alpert says. It often happens once the temperature drops at the beginning of winter, and once when it goes up again as summer starts.  Therefore, being aware and taking proactive action towards home safety is important this time of year.  

If Your House is Invaded by Pests:


  • Identify the animal


You need to know what you’re dealing with so you can better prepare yourself to get the job done. It can sometimes be difficult to catch a glimpse of the intruder but there are a few indicators that may point you in the right direction. For instance, fecal droppings, chewed wires and gnawed baseboards may indicate the presence of a mouse or rat. A quick Internet search may also help you identify your intruder.


  • Plan a course of action


Eliminating unwanted pests isn’t as scary as you may think it is. Once you have identified the intruder, plan and take a course of action to get the intruder out of your home once and for all. A series of over-the-counter products can be used to help treat these pests.  


  • Leave it to the professionals of SOS Wildlife


Getting rid of unwanted house pests may sometimes cause you a hard time and may become dangerous, so it is important to know where to draw the line and when to call the professionals at SOS Wildlife. For your safety and the animal’s, contact us at (647) 994-9453!

If you notice signs of wildlife in your house give us a call. At SOS Wildlife, we provide superior wildlife removal services for residential, commercial, and industrial clients, guaranteeing effective results. Let us help you solve your wildlife problems. Taking action before it’s too late will help eliminate animal damage repair costs. We are available 24/7, 365 days a year for EMERGENCY wildlife nuisances, and can easily be reached at 1-800-981-0330. Don’t wait and call us to schedule an appointment for a thorough inspection to help evacuate all your unwanted wildlife guests in the most humane way possible.

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Wildlife in Mississauga, Brampton, North York

Last Updated: June 2016

Morning in Brampton

By 7:30 am SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated technicians were on the road, ready to begin the day bright and early on the highway from North York to Brampton. A typical day for our technicians consists of driving out to all corners of the city to meet with customers and helping them solve their wildlife and pest control problems.

This specific case was for a customer who had been living in a single-detached house with raccoons above her head in the attic for about a week. She had been hearing noises of scratching, moving around and some chirping type sounds, which is a common occurrence for people who are or have experienced this. “I hear them around 5-6 am in the morning” she told SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated professionals. After a receiving some details on the whereabouts, habits, noises of the raccoon, another furry masked mammal was spotted across the street on a neighbors property. It was evident that the occurrences of people experiencing raccoon problems in the area was common.

Not too long after, our technician Sherwin was on his way up the ladder onto the customer’s roof for an inspection. SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated documents by video-recording entry ways, possible entrances and damages for the customer to see. On this property it was apparent that raccoons were going through a makeshift entrance of a hole in the soffit. What was found was that not only raccoons were getting through this hole, but so were birds who had flown in and around during the visit. Along with the damage in the soffit were additional likely entrances for the raccoon to go through. After a thorough inspection, SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated technician made our recommendations to prevent wildlife entrances by proofing the different types of roof vents.

Wildlife In Mississauga

After a stop in Concord ON., later in the morning, SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated professionals were making their way to handle a problem of wildlife in Mississauga where they had a customer in a commercial building experiencing squirrel problems. Ladders were propped up against the wall of the building and SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated professionals made their way up onto the roof. Building occupants complain that there had been squirrels running through the ceiling and on one instance had gotten into the hallway of the building where they had spent a Friday chasing it out. With no luck, they had called SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated to help take care of it. Upon inspection, SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated technicians found entrance points that required squirrel one-way doors – an installation that allowed squirrels to get out of the building, but not reenter. One-way doors used by SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated are made from galvanized steel mesh, a type of material strong enough to keep wildlife from damaging it.

North York by Noon

The next trip was back to North York where SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated had a customer who had previously experienced raccoons in the attic. A one-way door installation had been conducted near the edge of the roof top and SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated technicians were there today removing the door after the raccoon had left, and replaced it with galvanized steel mesh, a prevention method used to keep wildlife from chewing through and re-entering. A minor roof repair was completed, and the job was done.

SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated technicians work hard to provide our customers with the results the want by delivering professional, effective and efficient services. If you’re experiencing wildlife nuisances on your property, give us a call at 1.800.981.0330 to schedule an appointment. We are available 24/7 for emergency situations (wildlife in your immediate vicinity).

How to select the right wildlife control company for you

Last Updated: June 2016

It’s no secret that there are a ton of selections for wildlife control companies in Ontario who can help you solve your wildlife problem which is why it is difficult selecting the right wildlife control company. From east of the GTA to the west, north and south, the number of options are countless. This, I’m sure can get pretty overwhelming especially when all you need is a quick fix. Whether it’s an absolutely urgent problem that you need solved today, or something that you can spend an extra couple minutes researching, there are a couple things you should look out for in any of the options that you are choosing from. These factors can mean the difference in terms of the safety of you and your family, the technicians solving your wildlife problem and when looking out for the best interest of the animals and the environment. So, if selecting the right kind of wildlife control company is important to you, whether it’s a squirrel in your attic, raccoon in your garage or bird in the house etc. here are a couple things you should be looking out for.

Proper Licensing and Coverage

Although sometimes it means hiring for a lesser cost, having a wildlife control company/operator do work for you without being properly licensed or a company who isn’t covered/protected is way too big a risk. By choosing a company or a technician who doesn’t hold the proper qualifications to be conducting the processes required to properly conduct wildlife control processes can cost someone’s safety, damage of property, inhumane treatment of animals or more. In the end, you saving those extra couple dollars at the beginning will not be worth the problems that you can avoid facing by choosing a licensed, well trained, insured wildlife control company and operator/technician.

Things you should ask for from a wildlife control company

  • Do they have Fall Arrest/Working at Heights certification?
  • Have all of their technicians undergone proper training courses?
  • Does the company have a Trapping License from the Ministry of Natural Resources?
  • Are they available 24/7?
  • Will they conduct processes humanely?
  • Is it a pest control company, or a wildlife control company?
  • Does the company have at least $3,000,000 liability coverage?

Respect for the Animals & Environment

In this line of business, it is easy to encounter people and companies who may not hold the same feeling towards wildlife as others. It is, after all, the business of removing wildlife from your property, wildlife often considered nuisances and problems. The truth is, the nuisance is in the part where unwelcome wildlife start using your home as their habitat possibly causing damage and bringing outside germs and disease in the house. The nuisance is not the animal itself – animals who are likely being driven out of their natural habitat in search of a place to raise their young or find themselves shelter. This is something that should be clear when you are selecting the right wildlife control company. You need to ensure that the technician/operator that you want to hire to do the job understands the difference and will not treat the animals inhumanely and know how to treat them so that there is no question. SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated understands that when moving animals away from the property, to move it 1km away. They understand the proper procedure when catching an animal is to never trap by the neck. SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated also understands how to properly remove wildlife from your property during baby season, which is by ensuring that the mother is easily able to locate the babies while the babies are in a safe, heated box. There are specific laws in place that specify proper treatment of wildlife. To encourage the proper treatment of animals, both inside and outside the home, select a wildlife control operator/technician who know these processes and have these values.

The right wildlife control company will be friendly, open and honest

When doing any kind of business, having someone work with/for you who is friendly and with whom you get along with can always make the process a little bit more pleasant. Rather than hiring someone who can get the job done while you struggle tolerating the entire process, you should hire someone who can get the job done well, who is friendly, can offer great service and is honest. Business is business, some people say, but business means people. This means interactions, relationships and good service. At SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated we continuously deliver exceptional customer service, even after the job is done. If you have any questions or concerns, you can always call back to have them addressed. When looking for the right wildlife control company, look for someone who can be open and honest right from the start, whether it be about the fees or the process. This also makes the process of having them work on your property easier. Nobody likes getting unpleasant surprise at the end of the job, so when choosing a company, find someone who will be honest with you.

Knowledgeable and Professional

It’s easy to claim knowing all there is about a trade, but it’s another thing to be able to do it. When selecting the right wildlife control company, be sure that they aren’t purely talk, but can also get the job done and know what they’re doing. A poorly trained technician can result in inefficient work, safety concerns, and health concerns and in the end, be the cause for a loss of time and money. When picking the company, make sure that they are well trained, know what they’re doing, why they are doing it, and conducts the process properly. This makes it so that you only have to get the job done once, the right way. The right wildlife control company who is knowledgeable and professional will be able to explain the situation to the customer, will tell the customer how the problem will be solved, solve it and then answers any additional questions the customer may have. You can easily spot a company who meets this qualification be seeing what others are saying about it. Look for reviews or testimonials for previous customers opinions on how the company operates.

SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated

SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated is a company who meet and exceed these expectations and requirements. We are a company with over 10 years of experience who understand the right way to handle wildlife control. We know that proper licensing and coverage will help protect the customer, the company and the wildlife. We understand that in this business, some try to get away by treating animals inhumanely in their removal process. We are not one of these companies. SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated will tell you all of the information you need to know up-front and will explain the process and answer any questions you have during or after the job is done. We are knowledgeable and professional and always put out our best when doing our work.

SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated has:

  • Fall Arrest/Working at Heights certification
  • Technicians have undergone proper training courses
  • Have a Trapping License from the Ministry of Natural Resources
  • Available 24/7
  • Is a professional Wildlife Control company
  • Conduct wildlife control processes humanely
  • $5,000,000 liability coverage

If you notice signs of wildlife in your house give us a call. At SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated, we provide superior wildlife removal services for residential, commercial, and industrial clients. Let us help you solve your wildlife problems. Taking action before it’s too late will help eliminate animal damage repair costs. We can easily be reached at 1-800-981-0330. Don’t wait and call us to schedule an appointment for a thorough inspection to help evacuate all your unwanted wildlife guests in the most humane way possible.

Call SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated at 1-800-981-0330 today!

Animal Damage Repair

Last Updated: May 2016

It’s certainly not a surprise that animals can cause quite the headache to many property owners. Animal damage repair costs can be cumbersome and the time that takes to complete such repairs can be lengthy. Let’s not forget having to deal with contractors, the living conditions during the repairs, and the cleanup after construction. Unexpected costs aside, the timeliness of such damages can’t be predicted, leaving many property owners desperate and stressed.

How to Avoid Animal Damage Repair Needs:

Here are very basic but extremely effective tips to keep your home from becoming a den for wildlife:

  • Be proactive in surveying your properties for visible structural damages such as holes, cracks, openings, etc.
  • Be proactive in identifying animal trails, droppings, and signs of animal life in your property, including attic space, basement, and under porches.
  • Be cautious and tedious with cleanliness. Keep all foods both human and pet food, contained and sealed.
  • Keep property off clutter and leaves. Maintain front and backyard trimmed, grass cut, and all leaves raked.
  • Keep pantry clean and free of opened food packaging.

If at any point you recognize a damage, or animal trail, there are several DIY methods available, but while the internet is full of inexpensive and sometimes free options and solutions, they don’t always provide effective results. Some of the most important things you can do is to identify there is an animal in your property. You should certainly clean the area and keep it hygienic for yourself and your family as many wildlife carry easily spreadable diseases. You can survey the area and find their “home” which is usually a designated area where they sleep, collect food, and keep their family. It is never recommended to try and remove any members of wildlife on your own. If they’re still on your property at the time of discovery, you should not try to catch them on your own. Aside from causing you physical harm, they could cause a lot of damage to your property, rip and chew through electrical cables, and dig their claw through walls, floors, insulation, etc. You should always seek professional services if the animals are present, and if there is a family with their babies. In Ontario, there are strict laws in place in protecting wildlife. These laws are in place to ensure wildlife are treated fairly and humanely. Anyone endangering the life of a member of the wildlife or inhumanely treating an animal can not only be fined up to $5000, but they can also be charged with animal cruelty under criminal law. The cost of animal damage repairs, legal fines, and potential physical harm all lead to one easy solution, which is to contact professional wildlife technicians.

While wildlife may be the more common invader, you could also have rodents and other pests like bedbugs and cockroaches infest your property. These smaller but equally destructive animals could cause permanent damages to your property that could easily drive the existing market value property down. The health risks they pose on humans, as well as their ability to multiply extremely quickly are the reasons why pests should also be taken very seriously. Small droppings, sour smells, tiny footprints could all be signs of an existing or growing mice problem. Cost of animal damage repairs aside, both wildlife and pests can be jeopardizing to healthy living/working environments.

Damages and Damage Repairs

Here are some examples of what animal damage repair costs could be in Ontario:

  • Insulation: $1 a square foot
  • Vapor Barriers: $0.70 a square foot
  • Drywall/Plaster: $9 a square foot
  • Hardwood Surface Scratch repair: up to $40 per tread
  • Hardwood Floor Staining and Varnish: up to $50 per tread
  • Shingle replacement/repair: $275-$750 per square foot (plus the cost of materials)
  • Concrete crack/hole repair: $250+
  • Professional Home Disinfection services: start at $500
  • Electrical Cable replacement: start at $100

Aside from having to fund hefty repair bills, finding reputable contractors, having to spare required time for estimates, work, clean up, and having to relocate family (if required) due to hazardous situations are all stressful but absolutely controllable. Take early action, recognize the signs, and contact
the professionals. DIY options can provide permanent solutions for minor infestation cases, but may only provide short-term solutions for bigger, unidentified problems. Don’t put yourself your family at risk. Contact our technicians who are able to provide a broader assessment, and provide effective results.

Animal damage repair costs are no joke, and we take wildlife and pest control very seriously. We handle all infestation situations with professionalism and provide wildlife removal services the most humane way possible. Our technicians use the most effective methods in the most humane manners. Our technicians are professionally trained, friendly, and professional. They are able to understand animal behavior, as well as traits. They can help identify entry points and offer advice on repair techniques. Don’t let animal damage repair costs to become a headache and a nuisance to your family.

At SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated, we provide superior wildlife removal services for residential, commercial, and industrial clients. Let us help you solve your wildlife problems. Taking action before it’s too late will help eliminate animal damage repair costs. We can easily be reached at 1-800-981-0330. Don’t wait and call us to schedule an appointment for a thorough inspection to help evacuate all your unwanted wildlife guests in the most humane way possible.

Call SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated 1.800.981.0330!

Toronto Wildlife Removal

Last Updated: May 2016

What does Toronto Wildlife Removal mean? To us, it means saving our clients from unwanted visitors (a.k.a urban wildlife), and humanely bringing the visitors back to their natural habitats. Both in the City of Toronto and in the Greater Toronto Area, wildlife can be a nuisance to many residents, business owners, and industrial/agricultural environments.

What is Wildlife?

Wildlife traditionally refers to non-domesticated animal species. Wildlife can be found in all ecosystems, in both urban and rural sites. Common wildlife animals found in the GTA are birds, pigeons, skunks, snakes, raccoons, squirrels, opossums, and bats. Most times, these animals will behave in hostile manners when aggravated, and can be considered as dangerous and sometimes infectious.

Wildlife & Human Co-Habitance

In most cases, wildlife and humans can co-exist in urban areas. While everyone goes about their businesses, conflicts do arise at times. As weather gets cooler, urban wildlife starts seeking shelter. Raccoons, squirrels, pigeons, and bats may settle in attics, between walls, and chimneys; causing significant damage and health hazards to homeowners. Skunks could hide under porches or decks and spray house pets or unwary residents. Human-wildlife conflict does arise frequently in Toronto.

Fall is a peak season for Toronto wildlife removal needs as many animals start looking for food and shelter from the fast approaching cold weather conditions. This is the time to wildlife proof your property to avoid unwanted visitors. Usually finding warmth and food in or around a structure. Wildlife such as raccoons and squirrels easily get acclimated to their new habitats, often bringing their dependents with them. Removing wildlife in humane manner requires very specific skill-sets as well as in-depth knowledge of all the animals. Although there are many DIY solutions available for all wildlife removal needs, one can never predict the results of these projects. Trained technicians can understand animals’ behaviors, predict their motives, and even know their next moves. Trained technicians can also tell if wildlife has been breeding, where the babies may be, and if wildlife has or is suffering from any injuries. Most importantly professionals have the proper gear, equipment, and animal storage and removal tools to avoid any harm to you, to the animals, or to themselves. At SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated, we ensure your safety, as well as the safety of the animals. Our trained wildlife control technicians help relocate wildlife as per Environment Canada’s guidelines. We ensure the animals are injury and stress free during this process. We try to use one ways doors as our first solution. This involves no wildlife human interaction but if this option is not suitable we use wildlife friendly cages where animals are transported comfortable and free of restraints to their new, natural environments.

Toronto wildlife removal services have become a necessity for many home and business owners as urban wildlife number are on an increase. Due to the quick adaptability and fast- breeding nature, wildlife quickly adjusts to their new environments and they promptly pass this knowledge down to their offspring, creating a smarter generation of unwanted guests. Once an animal has established a home, they like to keep it. Any female offspring raised here, will also want to return to the same place to have their own litters. Given many of the wildlife are extremely intelligent, it is quite possible for this to take place. For many reasons aside from the simple attachment issues, it is very imperative to remove all wildlife as soon as possible before it becomes a matter of a serious infestation problem.

How to Avoid Toronto Wildlife Removal Services

  • Lock up all recyclables and garbage in animal proof bins, ensure lids are securely closed at all times
  • Take garbage and recyclables out often
  • Remove any and all uneaten pet foods from pets’ bowls, remove all bird feeders at night
  • Caution neighbors against wildlife feeding, contact your local council if problem persists
  • Survey the structure of your home regularly, be aware of all cracks and holes and ensure proper measures are taken to fix these deficiencies
  • Keep your home clean and organized, don’t leave opened packages of food out or overnight
  • Keep your yard tidy by removing all unnecessary items and debris. Mow your lawn, and rake leaves regularly
  • Ensure doors and windows are closed, as most wildlife are superior climbers
  • Screen entry points and maintain fencing

Our Approach to Toronto Wildlife Removal

While there are different approaches trained technicians can use such as no trapping, or lethal trapping; we like to use the One Way Door or the Live Trapping method at SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated. This method allows use to trap the wildlife to ensure successful captivity, but it also allows us to inspect the animals to ensure they are uninjured before releasing them back into the wild. If animals are captured at the time of birthing/nesting period, we place them in protected boxes and ensure they are located to a safe environment, no further than 1 km away from the location of captivity, as per provincial guidelines. We provide the Toronto and GTA residents, humane wildlife removal services.

Wildlife Fun Facts:

  • On the mammal IQ scale, raccoons rank higher than cats, and just below monkeys
  • Squirrels are extremely intelligent: they are known to put elaborate bogus food burying display to deceive onlookers. The purpose of this fake burial is to trick potential thieves: other squirrels
  • Skunks are nocturnal. They sleep during the day and look for food at night
  • Opossums have remarkable ability to find food and remember its source. When tested for ability to remember where food it, opossums scored better than rats, rabbits, and dogs. They can also find their way through a maze faster than rodents and cats.

At SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated, we provide superior Toronto Wildlife Removal services for residential, commercial, and industrial clients. Let us help you solve your wildlife problems. We easily be reached at 1-800-981-0330. Don’t wait and call us to schedule an appointment for a thorough inspection to help evacuate all your unwanted wildlife guests.

Raccoon Control – Ukraine’s Army of Raccoons

Raccoon Control – Ukraine

The Ukraine army are planning to train baby raccoons as sappers to find explosives and sniff mines. This all stemmed from last spring when an officer rescued a raccoon from hunting dogs. The unit decided to foster him and named him Hook. They soon found him a girlfriend – Alice and the couple now live happily in the unit. However what the raccoons don’t know is that their offspring will be trained from kits (babies) to search for explosives and mines. It’s a combat engineering purpose and an unofficial raccoon control technique, which I personally think is very intelligent as raccoons are quick learners, very crafty, extremely adaptable and expert problem solvers. But asking zoologists some says yes they are smart enough, some zoologists say no, too aggressive and curious. But the future will tell if these black bandits can become sergeants.

Raccoon Control Toronto

Waiting on the raccoon fate is similar to Toronto and the new green bins that are being issued to tackle our human-wildlife conflict. Toronto has it’s own army of wild raccoons that troop around our city, enter our homes as they wish, take siege in our attics and obstruct our backyards. And we cant forget our urban cowboy the squirrel who are as bad. Toronto has taken measures to tackle the human-wildlife conflict with the new green bins with a twist handle which should stop raccoons opening them. Hopefully this will work as a raccoon control measure and stop raccoons having a one stop shop for food. Although the repercussions of this could see raccoons breaking into our homes and eating from cupboards, but as I said the future will tell. Maybe we should take inspiration from the Ukraine army and think further outside the box to help with raccoon control. As it is illegal to kill these animals, ideas to train them to help in other areas just like we use dogs is an idea. I am not saying this is ideal as I am all about leaving wildlife to be wild but the human – wildlife conflict in Ontario needs to be approached on some level. The Ukraine Army training them is inspiring and highlights there are answers to our conflicts.

Not to quote Suits but there are always options. “When you’re backed against the wall, break the god damn thing down!” 🙂

For more information on Ukraine’s raccoon army check out he article – “Ukraine’s Army to Train Raccoons as Sappers“. Until Toronto can reach an answer to our raccoon control problem you can call SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated who can look after your wildlife needs, we remove all animals humanely from your property and they are taken a mile away and released back into the wild. Check out our raccoon removal page for more information.

Call SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated for Raccoon Control: 647.994.9453