Tips to Winterize Your Home to Keep Pests Out

Tips to Winterize Your Home to Keep Pests Out

Everything about autumn is so beautiful – the plunging temperature, dwindling sunlight, beautiful colors, and the warmth inside the house. As winter approaches, we tend to find the coziness in warm places, especially inside our house. Similarly, with the decrease of temperature outside, insects and pests try to find a warmer place which can protect[…]


Ways to Control Wildlife at Home This Winter

Cold winter weather often sends rodents scrambling towards warm shelter and your house could be next. Read more to learn about the various ways that you can prevent these pests from entering your home this winter. As the cold weather begins to quickly approach, the streets become emptier while we take shelter in our homes[…]

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Wildlife Control VS Pest Control

Last Updated: June 2016 Wildlife control and pest control- Two terms that have been interchanged for as long as people have been experiencing invasion by squirrel, bed bugs, raccoons, ants and more. While what they do have in common is eviction, these two services are actually worlds apart, actually, species. While one is in no way[…]

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Last Updated: June 2016 Cockroaches can definitely cause a problem in the home, which is why it is recommended to seek out cockroach control before it is too late. Cockroaches are a brownish color with antennas and wings. In size they are anywhere from 15-30 mm long. Cockroaches can adapt to different environments but usually like to stay[…]

Bed Bugs

Last Updated: June 2016 Bed bugs are tiny bugs that can become very problematic, very quickly. These tiny creatures can cause great damage to your home, and severe health problems. Bed bugs feed on human blood – with that being said, the bed bugs will want to be close to their food source, and therefore they travel into[…]