Gypsy Moth (Lymantria dispar dispar) Spraying

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GYPSY MOTH (Lymantria dispar dispar) SPRAYING SERVICES

Gypsy moths are certainly unpleasant insects to deal with once they have invaded your property. The appropriate prevention and removal are key factors in getting rid of these pests and preventing their return. If you are dealing with an invasion or had an invasion last year, call the professionals at SOS Wildlife Control for effective removal and prevention of these pests.

  • Destroying egg masses
  • Placement of barrier bands on the trees
  • Insecticides
  • Removing adult female gypsy moths and their pupae


CALL US TODAY 1.800.981.0330 or (647) 994-9453

About Gypsy (European gypsy moth)

Gypsy moths commonly known as Lymantria dispar dispar are an invasive species. These pests are very destructive as they latch onto trees and destroy its leaves. They often leave trees looking just about bare. Not only this, but they are known for leaving large amounts of fecal matter around the areas in which they are infesting. These pests are most commonly found during mid-May until July.

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Why Call for Gypsy Moth Removal and Prevention?

If you have ever endured the invasion that comes along with Gypsy Moths, you have certainly witnessed the unpleasantness that comes along with it. Not only do these moths destroy your trees, but they completely invade your property. You will find their larvae just about everywhere outside on your property, making it difficult to relax and enjoy. In addition to this, you will find their fecal matter alongside with them. The presence of their fecal matter is often described as “fecal rain” as it is often falling from the trees where these pests spend most of their time. Once these pests have invaded your space, it can be difficult to get rid of them and prevent future occurrences without professional help.

What will SOS Wildlife do for Gypsy Moth Removal and Prevention

Our team of experts will perform an inspection of the necessary steps and procedures that should be completed, based on your personal situation with Gypsy Moths. Some of these methods may include barrier bands, destroying egg masses, using insecticides, removing adult female gypsy moths and their pupae. Depending on the services you need, our team of experts can ensure you obtain the proper service that will benefit you and your property in the long run.

If you have an invasion or are seeking to prevent an invasion, contact us at SOS Wildlife Control to ensure safe and effective methods are being used. Our team of experts will assess your situation and provide you with the best option of treatment. Call us today at (647) 994-9453 to take care of your needs.

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