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Hornets have amazing capabilities, but always be alert if you have hornets nearby or on your property, as hornets can cause great damage to your home. If you have a hornet infestation SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated will arrive on your property, assess the problem and provide you possible solutions. Usually the options with be between an area treatment or a direct treatment. An Area Treatment is spraying in the area where the hornets are entering, as well as up to two feet around that area. If it is a direct nest treatment, we will spray the nest and remove it. We will advise you of future preventative measure to take to stop the hornets from returning.


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About Hornets

Hornets are very similar to yellow jacket wasps. Like wasps make their own nets, hornets make their own hives, for reproduction, shelter and warmth. The hornet queen will be the only hornet that would reproduce through the community. Other female hornets will gather food, feed the younger ones, protect their colony and make the hives. Male hornets mate with the queen to reproduce, who will shortly after, die. During the winter, hornets have to make a hive in a more protected and warm area. The queens will have to survive the winter it’s quite hard for them that’s why they build their hives under trees bark or even in our homes. Hornets eat tree sap and are also predators to flies, bees, and other insects.

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Hornet Diseases

Hornets don’t transmit any specific diseases to humans, however, what makes these small insects dangerous is their venom. Hornets make it a priority to protect the hive and they will only sting if you are threatening them, so it is very important to maintain a distance. If they sting you it can be very dangerous. The sting you get by the hornet will be red, swollen, itchy, and painful and when scratched can cause minor skin problems.

Damages From Hornets

When it comes to these small little insects, people think they are not capable of causing any damage, however, hornets can cause great damage to your home. It can be quite costly to fix the damage that hornets make. If you find hornets around your home it is suggested to call a pest control technician immediately for a hornet removal service. It is better to pay a small fee now rather than spending later. Hornets can make holes at the sides of your porch, they will also can make holes in your deck, so take action and call a pest control technician such as SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated for Hornet Removal.

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