Wildlife in Mississauga, Brampton, North York

by | Apr 21, 2016 | Animal Control, Bird Control, Squirrel Control

Last Updated: June 2016

Morning in Brampton

By 7:30 am SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated technicians were on the road, ready to begin the day bright and early on the highway from North York to Brampton. A typical day for our technicians consists of driving out to all corners of the city to meet with customers and helping them solve their wildlife and pest control problems.

This specific case was for a customer who had been living in a single-detached house with raccoons above her head in the attic for about a week. She had been hearing noises of scratching, moving around and some chirping type sounds, which is a common occurrence for people who are or have experienced this. “I hear them around 5-6 am in the morning” she told SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated professionals. After a receiving some details on the whereabouts, habits, noises of the raccoon, another furry masked mammal was spotted across the street on a neighbors property. It was evident that the occurrences of people experiencing raccoon problems in the area was common.

Not too long after, our technician Sherwin was on his way up the ladder onto the customer’s roof for an inspection. SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated documents by video-recording entry ways, possible entrances and damages for the customer to see. On this property it was apparent that raccoons were going through a makeshift entrance of a hole in the soffit. What was found was that not only raccoons were getting through this hole, but so were birds who had flown in and around during the visit. Along with the damage in the soffit were additional likely entrances for the raccoon to go through. After a thorough inspection, SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated technician made our recommendations to prevent wildlife entrances by proofing the different types of roof vents.

Wildlife In Mississauga

After a stop in Concord ON., later in the morning, SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated professionals were making their way to handle a problem of wildlife in Mississauga where they had a customer in a commercial building experiencing squirrel problems. Ladders were propped up against the wall of the building and SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated professionals made their way up onto the roof. Building occupants complain that there had been squirrels running through the ceiling and on one instance had gotten into the hallway of the building where they had spent a Friday chasing it out. With no luck, they had called SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated to help take care of it. Upon inspection, SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated technicians found entrance points that required squirrel one-way doors – an installation that allowed squirrels to get out of the building, but not reenter. One-way doors used by SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated are made from galvanized steel mesh, a type of material strong enough to keep wildlife from damaging it.

North York by Noon

The next trip was back to North York where SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated had a customer who had previously experienced raccoons in the attic. A one-way door installation had been conducted near the edge of the roof top and SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated technicians were there today removing the door after the raccoon had left, and replaced it with galvanized steel mesh, a prevention method used to keep wildlife from chewing through and re-entering. A minor roof repair was completed, and the job was done.

SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated technicians work hard to provide our customers with the results the want by delivering professional, effective and efficient services. If you’re experiencing wildlife nuisances on your property, give us a call at 1.800.981.0330 to schedule an appointment. We are available 24/7 for emergency situations (wildlife in your immediate vicinity).