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Dead Animal Removal from Private Properties Only

In cities that are heavily populated by wildlife, a common service that is commonly requested is deceased wildlife. Either due to traffic incidents, natural causes, or other animal attacks, the cases of dead wildlife continue to occur all throughout the city. Although unfortunate, deceased wildlife must not be left and should be taken care of immediately.

Depending on where the animal is found, different services must be contacted.

If you find deceased wildlife on a public area, NOT on your property, contact your city for dead animal removal services.

If you find deceased wildlife on your property, call SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated We provide deceased wildlife removal professional and effectively. Wildlife cadavers will be sent to the appropriate city service for proper disposal.

SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated Dead Animal Removal

SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated provides professional deceased wildlife removal to private properties. If you are in need of removal services, call 1.800.981.0330.

Please do not attempt to collect the wildlife on your own. It is recommended to call a professional wildlife control company who will take the proper precautions to ensure the wildlife animal is disposed of appropriately.

Read more here on Ontario’s Dead Animal Disposal Act.


CALL US TODAY 1.800.981.0330 or (647) 994-9453

Does the city remove dead animals?

Toronto city does remove dead animals from public parks, beaches, roadways, sidewalks etc. They will remove dead animals on private property if you bag and place the animal on the curb for pick-up. However they will not remove a dead animal under a deck, a carcass in the attic, dead animal under porch or dead animal in wall. You will need to hire a private company like SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated. Read here about the city’s dead animal removal services.

SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated does not provide roadkill removal services. Please contact the city for roadkill removal.

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