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  • Contamination of food, pet food
  • Short gestation period
  • Property damage
  • Health risks from transmittable diseases

Rats are a common nuisance in Ontario, especially in areas with a higher population density. Their size allows them to easily get through holes and into walls to find shelter and get into your food. Rats are known to carry a number of germs and disease, so removal should not be taken lightly. Call SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated for rat removal today!

SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated for Rat Removal

Our professionals at SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated can assist you with your rat removal problem. We will come to your home or business and provide a consultation for your unique rat removal issue and conduct our rat removal process. We will inspect your property for holes in the infrastructure where the rat(s) may be entering through and problems around your property that may be attracting them. We will use the most appropriate method to eradicate rats from your property using bait, traps and exclusion. These methods are done with safety as our highest priority. Rodent issues can turn from a few problem rodents into a full blown serious infestation in a very short period of time. Effective rodent control is a process not a one time event.


CALL US TODAY 1.800.981.0330 or (647) 994-9453

About Rats

Rats have strong teeth and can chew through glass, wire and lead. The two main types are the brown rat and the black rat. They can enter a building by climbing, gnawing, jumping or squeezing through tight spaces. Rats are nocturnal and can prove to be hazardous as they can contaminate food and animal feed. Also, due to their chewing abilities they can tear up insulation walls and attics, further causing destruction. If you suspect a rat to be in your house make sure to call a wildlife control professional as soon as possible! Rodents are highly intelligent and sociable animals with a very short gestation period, meaning that if left unchecked, a small family of rats or mice invading your home can turn into a full-blown infestation in only a few weeks.

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