Are Damages Caused by Mice & Rodents Covered by Insurance?

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It’s common knowledge that damage cause by mice is a nuisance and dealing with the situation can be pricey, but can insurance companies help you out?

Having unwanted mice on your property is definitely an unsightly, nuisance situation – but more than that, can be a costly and destructive problem. Mice in buildings, homes etc. are a common issue throughout all parts of Toronto and the GTA, and when it happens, the mice become even more problematic the longer you wait. Wait too long and soon enough, you’ll be faced with a mice infestation, with mice in your cupboards, under appliances, behind walls etc. Alone, mice are already a challenging situation, but in groups where they multiply quickly, your property is at risk, putting you at risk of having to deal with the aftermath.

Damages caused by mice is not a great situation. Their ability to chew through the following can be dangerous, costly, and a risk to your health.

Mice can chew through

  • Electrical wiring
  • Gas lines
  • Wood
  • Soft Concrete
  • Drywall
  • Rubber

Having these capabilities and more are a sure way to ring up a couple transactions on your dime. Or is it covered?

Do Insurance policies provide protection against property damage caused by mice?

Short answer? Under specific circumstances

Long answer? Sometimes they do, but only if the situation falls under what is written in the policy. Some insurance companies for the most part do not cover the damage caused by rodents. If a mouse chews up your walls, some wiring or some pipes it’s possible that you are on your own. Under certain policies, some insurance companies do not cover damage due to the fact that mice infestation is due to negligence. It is recommended to verify with you insurance company to see what is included in your plan.

For some insurance companies to get involved with a mice problem would be when an incidental problem occurs. For example, a mouse that chews your electrical wires may not be covered, but if this causes a fire to the home, then it is possible that an insurance company will take care of it.

If you shop around enough, you might be able to find an insurance company who offers pest control damages on their plan. Usually these plans are offered at a higher cost in a more elaborate insurance plan, or it’s treated as an add-on. It’s not a bad idea to consider these options if you’re looking to be covered for mice problems, but an alternative is to take preventative measures before it can even happen.

Don’t Ignore a Mouse Infestation as it can be a Health Hazard

As previously mentioned, a mouse infestation can be costly, but more importantly, it can be a health hazard.

Mice are known to cause lots of damage, and in these damages, the risk of threats to yourself and your family increases. Although small in size, their effects on a property can be massive, for example, some nibbling through pipes can cause flooding or even worse, mice chewing through electrical wires can possibly cause fires.

More popularly known about mice over causing lots of damage is their reputation for carrying germs or spreading viruses. Mice are small enough to get into our walls, under our appliances and even in our kitchen cupboard, so if there is a mouse on your property, ensure that these places are inaccessible as you don’t want them to contaminate your food storage. Some common viruses that are spread from mice are salmonellosis, listeria, or hantavirus. Hantavirus is a virus contracted by inhaling or ingesting mice feces or urine and can cause major health risks. Chances of this occurring goes up when you have a family of mice in your property.
Dealing with mice is more than a nuisance, it can be a health risk. So for the safety of the building occupants, don’t ignore a mouse infestation and take care of it now better than later. As soon as your notice mice activity on your property, it’s best to take care of it as soon as possible. Mice multiply quickly, and together, they have the ability to wreak havoc, so take precautions before it is too late.

Ways to protect your home from Mice infestation by sealing your house

If you want to avoid a mouse infestation, protect your home before it’s too late. It’s much easier to take preventative measures now, rather than having to deal with the unfortunate consequences later which can end up costing you even more.

One of the main methods of mice infestation defense is by having areas sealed around the house. Finding areas which are more prone to mice entering must be conducted first. Once these areas are identified, they should be sealed (often done with caulking/steel wool) to prevent mice from coming through. This will help in reducing the chance of a mouse infestation which in turn can save you money in the long run.

To stay on-top of preventing a mouse infestation, another thing you can do is to regularly inspect and monitor the property for any holes or weak spots, potential entry-points for mice to come through.

Prevention is a great way to avoid a mice infestation, but in the case where it’s too late, you can call a pest control expert like SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated

How SOS Wildlife can help you get rid of Mice

SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated has years of experience in all sorts of pest control including certain insects, rats, and mice.

Our mice control services include sealing mice entry-points to prevent mice from coming through the property as well as the use of tamper-proof bait stations. These bait stations are meant to keep people from meddling with it, which keep them, children and pets safe.

Don’t wait on calling for mice control, take care of mice infestation problems as soon as possible and call SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated today!