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Are You Having Bed Bugs Problems at Your Home?

Bed bugs can be anywhere in and around the living areas. These insects display pesticide
resistance, hence, depending strictly on chemicals is not a good option. Repeated use of
pesticides could be tried, which again might not be as effective.Here, professional help is
required for fumigation and heat treatments, which are considered to be the most effective
methods to get rid of bed bugs.

Professionals know about the hide outs, habits of bed bugs, and can also identify their bites. It is best to hire a professional pest control expert instead of disturbing sleep and wasting money on pesticides.

SOS expertizes in pest control services. With three steps we help eliminate the blood sucking insects and provide you sleep-full nights.

Step 1: Inspection

As approached to help get rid of bed bugs, first step would be to inspect the living areas. Our experts take a complete check and also use tools to examine cracks, if required.With years of experience and expertise, we can identify the bed bugs and their bites. While inspecting, we look for the insects, their casted skin, blood spots, and tiny eggs.

Step 2: Implement

Based on the inspection, our experts will specify the severity of the situation, and accordingly choose the best remedy and course of action. Chemicals and the methods used will be completely safe for the residents, causing no harm to them.

Step 3: Observe

Our experts will keep a check after the eradication process is over. This visit will be to ensure complete effectiveness of the treatment used. Prevent measures will also be advised for future.

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About Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are parasites who live on blood of any warm-blooded animal, most prevalent targets being humans.They are commonly found in beds and that is how they get their name, but they can spread anywhere in the living areas.Bed bugs cannot fly or jump as they do not have wings. Their small, oval shaped body and potential to live without food for a long time, enable them to reside and shove anywhere.

Easy hideouts for bed bugs are bags, folds of luggage, and furniture.These insects have two very predictable habits: they do not spend more than 10 mins on their victims, and prefer to stay close to them. Hence, are mostly found under the mattress.

Bed bugs are enticed to the heat,perspiration, and carbon-dioxide released from warm-blooded animals.At normal room temperature, bed bugs can survive for about 3 months without food. This can extend up to a year in colder climates.

Strangely, their reproductive method is termed as ‘traumatic insemination’. Here, the female’s stomach is pierced, injecting sperm into the wound by the male insect. A female, in its lifetime, can lay between 200-500 eggs, slower as compared to other insects.

Facts About Bed Bugs

Bed bugs might not cause serious health issues, but are surely a big problem. The best way to control and avert bed bug infestations is to understand them well.

  • Bed bugs can live anywhere
  • An adult bed bug’s shape and size is similar to that of an apple seed
  • Bed bugs can leave dark spots anywhere
  • Bed bugs can survive for several months without food
  • Life span of a bed bug is about 300 days
  • Bed bugs are most active at night
  • Bed bugs are seen during the day time as well, if they are hungry
  • Bed bugs plant themselves in clothes
  • Generally, bed bugs are not dangerous
  • Bed bugs are attracted by the heat and carbon-dioxide emitted from human body during
  • Bed bugs cannot fly or jump; they just crawl
  • A good way to locate their presence is to look for their skin which they shed during the
    growth process
  • A female bed bug lays about 200-500 eggs during its entire lifetime
  • Bite from a bed bug is painless
  • If treating without professional assistance, repetition of the process is often required
  • Bed bugs do not spread diseases
  • While they avoid yellow and green, bed bugs have red and black as their favorite colors
  • Bed bugs do not like heat, hence, they would not prefer to stick on the host’s skin for


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Bed Bug Problems

Bed bugs insert their sharp-elongated sucking mouthpart, or beak into the human skin to suck blood. They inject their saliva to avoid blood clots, and an anesthetic which does not let the host feel the bite. In 10 mins,bed bugs can fill themselves up, which can work for days.

  • It is difficult to identify a bed bug’s bite. They can look very similar to mosquitos
    and other insects.
  • As the bed bugs do not spread diseases, their bites aren’t the cause of serious health
    concerns;but an allergic reaction may appear, requiring medical attention.
  • The allergic reactions caused by the bed bugs might trigger asthma attacks.
  • Mild skin allergies, due to the bite, can become severe if excessive scratching
  • There can also be a psychological effect of bed bugs.People may lose their sleep fearing
    to be bitten by these insects.
  • Any location is vulnerable and can be invaded by bed bugs

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Preventive Measures at Home for Bed-Bugs

The blood sucking vampires are not easy to locate. And once they capture your house, it is difficult to eliminate them without professional help. However, an attempt can be made.

  • Check bedsheets for blood spots
  • Wash bed sheets using hot temperature
  • Keep the bags and suitcases clean and covered in plastic
  • Remove all clutters, as these are one of their favorite hideouts
  • After a trip, wash all your clothes in hot water, even the ones not used
  • Pesticides do not really help while trying to eliminate these insects
  • The most effective treatment is the use of excessive heat(over 110 degrees F)
  • Reducing the temperature can also restrain egg production, as bed bugs cannot persist
    long below 5-degree Fahrenheit
  • It is a good idea to vacuum and declutter to avoid bed bugs
  • Try using desiccants which are labeled as pesticides
  • For the infection caused by the bite, antiseptic lotions can be used; while
    antihistamines can give relief to the allergy
  • It is difficult to locate bed bugs. Seek help from professional experts if you think you
    have this blood suckers in your hous

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