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Why Do Skunk Like Living Under My Shed or Deck

Skunks have a bad reputation of being animals that will spray without warning, or if you grew up with Looney Toons you may be afraid that they will try and profess their love for you. Neither are true, skunks are not as dangerous as you think and only spray in self-defense. A skunk living under[…]

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Skunk Removal, Prevention and what to do if you get sprayed!

Skunks are often cute and harmless animals from afar but once they spray, that is never the case; skunks are not the greatest choice of company to have wandering outside of your home and can easily become a nuisance to you, your family, pets and property. Skunk Spray Skunks are notorious for their rancid skunk[…]


Types of Damages Pests can do to your Property

Garden pests seem like a small problem, but these issues can actually escalate very quickly. Many people dismiss garden pests, as a small situation but this blog will help educate you on some of the damage that garden pests can do to your property. Raccoons When you think of raccoons you just think about them[…]

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What to do when you need help with baby skunk removal

Last Updated: June 2016 We always see those videos floating around online of baby animals being rescued from a natural disaster or some other tragic event – but have you ever wondered what you would do, or what you’re supposed to do if you had been the one to find it? Every once in a while,[…]

baby skunk problem

Recognizing, Preventing and Getting Rid of Skunks

Last Updated: May 2016 Being well informed is a great way to keep you and your family away from having to deal with getting rid of skunks throughout the year. Now, with the colder weather upon us, wildlife is more likely to make a habitat out of your property, either under your porches, beneath the[…]

Skunk Problem

Skunk Problem

Last Updated: May 2016 Skunks are extremely well known for their horrible smelling, predator deterrent sprays. For that, residents of the City of Toronto and the GTA have been struggling skunk problems. The Main Skunk Problem – Smell One of the main problem skunks cause is their ability to spray a disastrous mist that can travel[…]

Wildlife Preventive Tips

Toronto Wildlife Removal

Last Updated: May 2016 What does Toronto Wildlife Removal mean? To us, it means saving our clients from unwanted visitors (a.k.a urban wildlife), and humanely bringing the visitors back to their natural habitats. Both in the City of Toronto and in the Greater Toronto Area, wildlife can be a nuisance to many residents, business owners,[…]

Skunk removal

Skunk control

Skunks are mammals known to spray a liquid with a very powerful scent if they are feeling threatened. Skunks are usually 40 cm to 94 cm long weigh about 1.1 lb which is 0.50 kg. They are usually brown and white but can also come in brown and crème, there are two different types of[…]

What to do if you find an orphaned baby animal

Last Updated: October 2016 A common type of call we receive are related to baby wildlife. People find baby wildlife in their garden, under their deck, in the park with no sign of the mother. When you come across a sick, injured or orphaned animal you instinctively want to help. As advocates for wildlife we always recommend[…]

Why Do Urban Wildlife Break In?

Last Updated: October 2016 Why do animals break in? It is very frustrating when wildlife enter our homes as they are messy, noisy and just plain annoying. Growing up we learn that urban wildlife are generally more scared of us than we are of them, but then why do they become unwanted house guests? I[…]

Wildlife in your home? How do wildlife get in?

Last Updated: October 2016 Do you hear noises in your attic, or hear scratching in the walls or chirping in your chimney? Then it is more than likely that you have wildlife in your home. In these cases the first step is to find out where exactly they are. The second is to figure out[…]

Some things you can do before calling Animal Removal Services

Last Updated: October 2016 Do you have a raccoon, skunk, or squirrel causing damage on your property? If so, then perhaps you need wildlife removal services! Calling a professional wildlife removal service will help you remove and prevent wildlife from your property in a professional, humane and effective manner. But if you’re looking to take some steps before you contact[…]