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My issue was suspecting a raccoon was in our attic. Sherman was excellent. He was willing to come at my requested time to look in our attic. On the day of the appointment, it was snowing and the roads were slick. However, despite the bad weather, he still arrived at the scheduled time. He wore booties so as not to mess up the floors each time he went in the house. He took the time to check the attic to see if any signs of a raccoon or other animal was present. No holes in the venting or roof were seen but while here, he also checked our mouse traps for evidence of any mice. He provided very good service and since nothing was found, he didn’t charge us for his work. I would definitely recommend him for your animal control needs”

sos Wildlife Control Downtown Toronto, ON

Here at SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated with our knowledge, experience and care we provide quick, efficient and humane solutions to your wildlife problems. We care and value our customers and their experiences with us. With our years of experience, expertise and care, we are the right people to complete the job for you. We are only one phone call away from your solution and want to help you as soon as we can! Call as soon as you suspect an animal invasion.

More About Downtown Toronto

Toronto being Ontario’s capital makes it a buzzing city that attracts many tourists from all over the world yet feels right at home for Torontonians. With the size of the city and its diverse population, there are attractions for everyone, from dining experiences, immersive theatrics, educational and historical buildings. Not to mention wildlife and nature throughout the city and especially so just on the outskirts.

Downtown Toronto specifically, is home to the entertainment district, including the iconic CN Tower, Royal Ontario Museum and bordering the water with Toronto’s Harbourfront. There really is something for everyone in this beautiful city and understand why so many people choose to call this city home.

Although this area is densely populated with people, this also includes wildlife. There is a large population of animals that have also made the city their home. Being aware of this and the possible damage and other issues that can arise, it is important to take the necessary steps and precautions in order to keep yourself, your family and your home safe from potential wildlife damage.

Wildlife in Toronto

Just as there is a large human population in Toronto, there is also a large animal population in the city. Many of the animals you will see in Toronto include pigeons, raccoons, squirrels, mice, rats, opossums and skunks. As the city develops and expands continuously, many animals have adapted to the hustle and bustle of the busy city and its streets. There are large populations of these animals found within the city and these animal populations are continuously expanding. This has created issues among human populations and animals who are beginning to invade spaces that are not meant for them. In order to deter animals from inhabiting the city and expanding their population by reproducing and spreading, the city is attempting to discourage these animals. One way the city is aiming to prevent and discourage animals from crowding the city is by providing residents with new food waste bins that are more secure than the older models. Distributing these bins will prevent animals from easily accessing waste and food, which is attracting them to many homes.

When you come across any wildlife in the city, it is important to keep your distance whenever possible from these animals. Keep in mind that the majority of these animals are used to humans and not as easily scared as animals living outside of the city. It is quite possible that if you come too close to one of these animals, they may bite you. This poses a risk to your health as they may be carrying diseases. Keep your distance whenever possible.

Wintertime risks

During the winter, we may assume that these animals are gone and have found shelter in their natural habitat, however many times these shelters include your space such as residential and work areas. If they can find access and shelter in your space, then they will certainly make themselves at home. If provided the opportunity to make themselves at home, they will use your space as a place to have and house their young, increasing the problem. Take the appropriate precautions to secure your space from animals. If you suspect that there may be a potential issue in your home or workspace, do not hesitate to contact us and assess the situation.

Wildlife Removal Toronto

We understand the risks associated with wildlife invading your residence or workspace. We work quickly and humanely to resolve any wildlife issues that may be posing a nuisance or risk to you, your family or building. Having wildlife in your residential or business building poses a great risk to you, the inhabitants and workers of these areas. In our years of experience, we have witnessed Torontonians impacted by wildlife invasions in their residence or workspace overnight. Finding wild animals such as squirrels, raccoons, and bats in your home or workplace is an extremely frightening experience for most. We understand the immediate need for these animals to be removed and will schedule you for next-day appointments. We use effective and humane methods to remove the animals. If you are having wildlife problems or suspect that you may have a case, contact us as soon as possible to have your situation assessed and taken care of.

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