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Pest Control

What We Do:

Pests come in every shape and sizes in Greater Toronto Area  from rodents who sneak into our house in when the cold weather hits, scratching, biting and using our home as a latrine, to stinging pests like wasps that can cause an allergic reaction. SOS Wildlife Control provides pest control services for residential, industrial and commercial clients.

We provide the following services:

At SOS Wildlife Control, we take a great pride in our timely and professional customer service. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Our technicians will ensure that all your pest control problems are taken care of effectively and efficiently. Pest control is no sideline at SOS Wildlife Control – its our business! SOS Wildlife Control can help solve your pest control problems in Greater Toronto Area .

We offer a variety of professional pest management services for all your pest problems in Greater Toronto Area. Whether you need assistance with the common mouse problem, or you are simply looking for basic nuisance information call SOS Wildlife Removal. We have the knowledge, equipment and commitment to handle your nuisance pest problem.

Professional Pest Control Company

Our professional pest control technician at SOS Wildlife Control will come to your home or business and provide a consultation for your unique issue. SOS Wildlife Control technicians will inspect your property for holes in the infrastructure where rodents or insects may be entering through and problems around your property that may be attracting them. We will use the most appropriate method to eradicate the pest infestation from your property using bait, traps, exclusion or poison where required. These methods are done with safety as our highest priority.

Why choose SOS Wildlife Control?

  • Technicians at SOS Wildlife Control Toronto are licensed, certified, insured, bonded, experienced and highly trained to completely exterminate all residential and commercial pests.
  • We offer a highly competitive price to other pest control companies in Toronto
  • Years of experience, you can be assured quality service from SOS Wildlife Control.
  • We provide residential, commercial and industrial services with methods and products that have been approved by government regulations.

When rodents invade your home don’t panic, we’ll take care of it. Call the experts in pest and rodent control service in Toronto – SOS Wildlife Control

Pest Control
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Pest Control
SOS Wildlife provide pest control services for Toronto GTA. SOS Wildlife remove mice, rats, bats, bees, hornets, wasps and more. We offer fast, efficient service with qualified technicians. We are available 24/7 for any pest control need