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Are pests annoying you?

They can be found anywhere and in various sizes in Greater Toronto Area. Every home can be prone to pests. Regardless of which one of your animal companions is determined to initiate an unfriendly acquisition of your home or work premises, SOS team of extremely proficient and licensed professionals can handle the situation and diminish your pest worries.

In recent years, there has been an immense growth in the number of pest problems that were reported which definitely calls for a highly trained and experienced professional pest control team.

SOS is an expert, trusted, and most affordable pest extermination service provider for different kinds of pests in Ontario. We are licensed and have on-job experience.

We Provide the Following Pest Control Services:

At times, pests can conceal their presence well for a long period. If observed closely, their nest can be found in sacks of food items left open inadvertently. They can not only eat up your storage but also spread unwanted and serious diseases.

We know how to get rid of pests – of all kinds!

Mice Removal

Rat RemovalEasy access to food drives mice closer to human habitats. Their favorite places include cellars, attics, storage areas, and any other such isolated places in and around the premises.They multiply fast. Mice in the house or work areas can affect the stored items and also induce the chances of catching fire, as they tend to chew the wires as well. Hence, the agency of rodents invaded into your premises and settling there can be dangerous.

Through contact with food or eatable storage areas, mice can transfer diseases like hemorrhagic fever, plague, LCM virus, and many others, to human bodies. Mouse traps can be of some help, but these treatments do not help in complete extermination of the rodents and their traces. Before things get out of control, call the experts.

SOS provides wide-ranging remedies for all-sized mice problems. Different techniques and high-quality products are used to get to the root cause of such issues. We have the knowledge and expertise to eliminate mice problems using eco-friendly chemicals, tools, and methods.

Rat Removal

The most common type of rats found in Toronto is the Norway Rats. Dark and less visited places are easy hideouts for them. With the most suitable conditions, they can multiply very fast. Similar to the mice, these rodents carry viruses which can cause serious health issues for humans. They can contaminate food and also harm your property.

Wasp Removal

Wasps seem to be small but can cause damage to the house and you as well. Their stings are painful which can also cause allergic reactions in the human body. The favorite work-out of these pests is drilling holes, especially in wood. They create tunnels to rest during the summers.

Wasps are dangerous insects and their nests can be active for months. However, only the females have stings.You may get stung while trying to resolve the wasp problem by yourself. If you find any trace of these infestations in and around your premises, call for the experts. Make sure your house and work areas are thoroughly checked by them before they start any treatment.

Hornet Removal

Hornets can cause great damage to your home. Just like wasps, they sting multiple times. Hornet queen is the only one to reproduce through the community. Other female hornets feed and protect the young ones.

Hornet’s sting can be venomous, so it is advisable to maintain a safe distance. If you find hornets in and around your house, call for pest control experts.

Cockroach Removal

animal feces removalThere are more than 4,500 different species of cockroaches on the earth. The most common ones are American Cockroaches, German Cockroaches, Oriental Cockroaches, Brown-banded Cockroaches, and Wood Cockroaches.

Cockroaches are considered to be the most feared of all bugs. They can transfer a number of diseases to the human body. Their favorite hideouts are usually warm places inside the buildings. Their excreta contains chemicals which can entice other bugs. Cockroaches can cause food poisoning and allergic reactions in many people. They can also trigger asthma attacks.

SOS uses the best suitable products to handle such insects. We eliminate every trace of them and ensure a clean and safe environment.

Bed Bugs Removal

As the name suggests, bed bugs are usually found in the bed or under the mattress. However, they do not restrict themselves there and can spread anywhere in the living areas. These are blood-sucking insects and like the warmth, moisture, and carbon-dioxide released by the human body.

Once in a while, besides other cleanliness regimes, a thorough cleaning of furniture is also required. It is difficult to identify bed bugs yourself, but a professional can help. SOS experts know the habits of bed bugs and are experienced in eliminating these insects. Instead of trying the process on your own, professional methods like fumigation and heat treatment work best for bed bugs removal.

SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated Service Areas

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SOS takes care of all residential, commercial, and industrial pest problems in Ontario. We take pride in the kind of perfection we deliver. Our service areas include:
Ajax, Aurora, Brampton, Markham, New Market, Richmond Hill, Toronto, and many other places in Ontario.

If you have pest issues, do not wait, call the experts immediately. Delays can increase the gravity of the problem. SOS ensures your peaceful stay at home and work premises, without any unwanted guests – the pests.

Why SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated?

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baby squirrel in handPest problems are not just with residential areas, but big concerns for commercial and industrial settings as well. SOS takes care of all such concerned areas. Complete customized plans are available as per your requirements.

  • SOS is a name you can trust!
  • SOS deals with all kinds of pests
  • Effective services and completely based on client requirements
  • Safe and eco-friendly treatments
  • Always ready – no more waiting for you to solve the problem after you give us a call
  • Technicians are licensed, certified, insured, bonded, experienced, and highly trained
  • Quality service with years of expertise.
  • Highly competitive and affordable pricing structure
  • After service monitoring and guidance to ensure no future pest problems
  • SOS provides residential, commercial, and industrial services with methods and products approved by government regulations

Before hiring a pest control team, make sure all the above points are covered by them.

Our trained and highly experienced team conducts a thorough inspection of infected places. This would give an understanding of the severity of the problem, resulting in the perfect selection of the course of action. Then the process of elimination takes place. An observation or monitoring action is followed, which ensures that the treatment was effective and no further traces of pests will be found in and around the premises.

Prevention is better than cure, but do not take any chances if your home or work area is already invaded by any of the pests. Get complete removal of them, leaving behind a safe environment to live in.

SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated provides wildlife removal and pest control services to residential, industrial and commercial clients in Toronto and the surrounding GTA. Our certified wildlife removal and pest control technicians make sure all problems are taken care of effectively and efficiently. We have years of experience in wildlife control, wildlife removal, pest extermination and nuisance wildlife prevention. SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated can help solve your wildlife and pest problems in Toronto and the surrounding GTA.

When pests invade your home, don’t panic; call the experts – SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated

Pest Control Services
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Pest Control Services
SOS Wildlife provide pest control services for Toronto GTA. SOS Wildlife remove mice, rats, bats, bees, hornets, wasps and more. We offer fast, efficient service with qualified technicians. We are available 24/7 for any pest control need