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We had a family of raccoons (a mom and babies) living in our basement wall. Aside from the noise issue (scratching, etc.) a very strong smell started to develop in the room where they were camping out. We could no longer wait until the babies were old enough to leave the house and venture out for food. S.O.S WILDLIFE CONTROL came over and removed the babies from behind our basement wall. They also properly closed our chimney’s and set up a one way door for the mother raccoon. The babies were placed on the roof, in a rubbermaid bin and covered in blankets, so that the mom could easily find the babies when she ventured out that night. S.O.S WILDLIFE CONTROL was professional and very effective in riding our home from raccoons. Thanks for the help!

Maura from Toronto

I have a lot of black squirrels running around on my property which made me nervous thinking that they would try to get into my attic as I heard them occasionally running on my roof. My neighbor had a raccoon problem and he used SOS and was quite happy with their service. My call to SOS was more of a preventative call than an actual problem. I had the pleasure of having Sherwin come to my home to do the job. He was very professional and an all round great guy to deal with. If ever I have a problem with any types of wildlife I will not hesitate to call Sherwin and SOS again.

Paolo from Toronto

We heard noises in our chimney and when we got a flashlight to see what was going on, we saw a black squirrel in the fireplace! I looked up wildlife removal companies, read positive reviews for SOS Wildlife Control, so gave them a call. Sherwin promised to come to the house the same day once he finished his other jobs. He arrived when he said he would and quickly and efficiently removed the squirrel. He recommended a chimney cap to prevent further incidents. He was very professional and polite to deal with and I am happy to recommend SOS Wildlife Control.

Susan from Toronto

I called Sherwin in the morning about sounds in the attic, which I suspected to be squirrels. He came and went on the roof to check, while also taking a video to show me where they were getting in. He explained what we needed to do to get rid of them and prevent them from getting in again. We decided to get the one-way door set up and also opted for the preventive measures – steel mesh around everything that can be be potentially damaged by the squirrels. Sherwin and his team are nice people and very easy to talk to. He will answer any questions that you may have. My overall experience with this company is very positive and I will recommend them to anyone that require their services.

Wilson from Markham

THESE GUYS ARE AMAZING AND SAVED MY NEW YEAR’S PARTY. I was hearing noises from my roof for a while it was like an animal was constantly walking and I could literally hear foot steps. Then on year’s eve when I was about to leave my house to go to a party I heard an animal crying and squealing. It was then that I was a 100% percent sure I had an animal living in my attic. I panicked and was very terrified. I went on my computer and googled some animal removal and wildlife control companies. I called 5 different companies but they either didn’t pick up or if they did they told me they are unable to come tonight to remove this animal from my house because, it was already around 7 pm. Then I called S.O.S Wildlife Control and spoke with Sherwin. He was very well informed, he calmed me down and answered all my questions while he was on his way to my house. He arrived shortly after and checked the attic then also checked the roof and showed me the video he took from the roof. He told me I had a raccoon that entered my attic and was basically living there. He installed a one way door on the hole that the raccoon had made as an entry to my attic. He promised me that the raccoon will eventually leave the attic for food and once he does he won’t be able to return to the attic. He also gave me the option of wildlife proofing my roof and prevent future wildlife problems so I took the advice and asked him to go ahead and do it for me. Since then I haven’t heard any noises coming from my roof. Thanks to S.O.S i don’t have to worry about wild animals living in my attic anymore. Sherwin and Jamie were efficient, knowledgeable, answered all my questions ,explained everything with patience and were super friendly but most importantly they solved my problem on new year’s eve when nobody else did.

Akram from Toronto

After spending half of the day on the phone with the city trying to get them to deal with a large raccoon which was exhibiting strange symptoms in my backyard, found these guys on the internet. Thank heavens!!! Called, explained the situation, they gave me options, and then they ran in and dealt with the situation before I could even get out the door. These guys are THE BEST!!! Fast, efficient, and courteous!!! To anyone who is dealing with a raccoon problem and are tired of dealing with the city/not knowing what company to go with; CALL SOS WILDLIFE CONTROL!!!! Will now use and recommend this company exclusively! Thanks so much to Sherwin and your amazing team at SOS Wildlife!!!!

Carlos from Scarborough

My neighbor and I had a raccoon problem, we called SOS company for help and they came the very next day. They fixed the problem and removed the raccoon from the attic of my neighbor and fixed my six roof vents and secured them with a steel net. I dealt with Shervin and Jamie, What a wonderful and friendly folks they are! they fixed the problem very fast and they did a great and professional job. Shervin took videos before and after and advised us on the best cheapest solution. I hope I will never have this problem again but if I do, then this company is my “Go to” company. I truly recommend these guys if you have a wildlife problem in your house. Shervin and Jamie, thank you for the job well done.

John from Toronto

Our house is 17 years old and 2 days ago we heard scratching sounds coming from the attic. We called SOS the next morning and within the same day they stopped by to do an assessment. Sherwin does an incredibly thorough job on his assessment and even checked the roofs of the neighbouring townhomes for holes to ensure he knows the source and cause of the noise I was hearing. They came back the next day and installed poison traps. They were very punctual and on time for both the assessment and return visit. I’m overall very happy with the experience. It’s very hard to find quality contractors this day, so SOS is a rare gem.

Vince from Markham

Sherwin, the owner provided quick response time when contacted. Before the commence, the scope of work required was fully explained and after approval, the work was performed in a very professional manner. The animal left our home and the work done by Sherwin prevented the animal from returning to our home. We recommend S.O.S Wildlife to any home owner in a similar situation.

Sangita from Scarborough

S.O.S WILDLIFE CONTROL did an excellent job explaining the problem and potential solutions.Baby raccoons were out of reach behind the brick of the fireplace. Sherwin the technician from s.o.s wildlife control brought them all out and placed them in a heated box and installed a one-way door on the main entry point for the animal. place the babies right beside it so the mother raccoon can easily find them and relocate them. Highly recommended.

Nancy from Toronto

From the first conversation with Sherwin, I knew I was dealing with a professional. I was pleasantly surprised that he called me back so quickly and was even more amazed that he came to quote the job the next day. After having worked on this red squirrel problem with another company over the past 12 months, and never solved the problem, Sherwin’s results were immediate. I haven’t had an issue since. He’s clearly an expert in his field, shows up exactly when he says he will and I’ve recommended him to many friends since. I’m a customer for life (assuming that there’ll always be new critters to deal with).

Kathy from Toronto

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