Rodent Removal

by | Oct 20, 2015 | Mice Control, Rat Control

Last Updated: May 2016

With the cold weather approaching you may start to find unwanted guests in your home, pests like mice and rats in particular! The cold drives them into your home for heat and if they find a food source and adequate shelter, they will stay. When mice or rats enter your home you need rodent removal immediately. These rodents pose serious health risks for humans. Mice and rats are known to carry diseases, bacteria, viruses and parasites.

Signs Rodents are in your house

A sign that you need rodent removal is when you see mice droppings or rat droppings usually in the form of small dark pellets. You may see bits of chewed-up food packages and holes in and around foundation and walls. You might also be able to hear them in your walls or ceiling. And of course, seeing a mice run across the floor is also clear evidence. They often lurk in the basement, the kitchen, the pantry and even your bedroom.

Toronto Rodent Infestation

Toronto homes are ideal for rodents as many of them have a significant amount of years on them. Due to the normal aging process of a structure, they often develop many nooks and crannies through which rats and mice can enter. Many Toronto homes have cavity wall structures, which means there is a space between brickwork on the outside and drywall on the inside for the purposes of insulation. Rats and mice can enter through spaces in the wall and search out floorboards to come up through. To help prevent rodent problems, cover up all exterior holes and cracks on your property using wire mesh and spray foam insulation. You can do this yourself but it;s recommended to hire a professional. A professional will be familiar with the common places to look in and will be able to properly handle it. Professionals know how to identify entry points, nesting sites, areas of activity and where to place the traps. Although residents use glue boards, snap traps and rat poison to try to get rid of mice and rats, you need to remember that pest control companies are regulated by Ontario and are trained and licensed on how they use these methods. It’s recommended to hire a professional due to  the risks with poison which can be dangerous if not used properly; if residents inadvertently scatter it around or don’t follow the instructions on the labels correctly it could be ingested by pets or small children. One case in Oakville, ON, a resident carelessly scattered rat poison to kill pests and ended up killing three dogs and left a couple other dogs seriously ill. Read more on Global News here.

Professional Rodent Removal

As stated, we highly advise to use a professional for rodent removal. There are risks when hosting mice and rats and even more when incorrectly handling the situation. You can read further on in our articles mice removal and rat control. SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated will arrive at your home to get details on the situation, find out where you have seen rodent or rodent activity or have heard them. We will then assess the interiors and exteriors of your home or business. The entrances they get through will be covered with mesh and foam insulation to prevent further pests from entering. Bait stations will be set up in your property in strategically placed areas. The bait will be in a locked government approved, tamper resistant station. A follow-up may be required afterwards to re-apply control measures if necessary..

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