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Reasons for Wildlife Prevention

  • Avoid dealing with a wildlife invasion
  • No property damage by wildlife to your home/workplace
  • Minimize the risk of having to pay for wildlife damage repairs
  • Prevents wildlife from entering or re-entering your home
  • Will not have to encounter messes from nests or droppings in your property
  • No dealing with noises of animals in the attics or  walls

Being proactive and having wildlife prevention conducted is the best thing you can do to keep wildlife from entering or re-entering your property. Wildlife prevention methods keep the animal out and your home damage, wildlife and mess-free. If you’re already experiencing wildlife problems, you can take action now to prevent animals from returning. If not, to avoid going dealing with wildlife removal, damages, messes in the first place, take action and get your property wildlife-proofed.

Wildlife Prevention

Wildlife have always been a part of the community, but the increasing amount of wildlife cases on people’s properties are going up. Wildlife are more and more finding their way into busier urban neighborhoods looking for food and shelter. Where they were once in a quiet forest, are now driven to human dominated areas and nuisances for people in Toronto and the GTA. Although it is admirable to watch wildlife from a far, it becomes a problem once they’ve gotten too close and are now on our property.

While some people don’t see the problem with wildlife on their property, others do, especially when they experience the following: Wildlife in your garage, attics, basements that could damage your electrical wiring, destroy the insulation and leave toxic feces all over your property. Not only do these wild animals damage your home but they pose a major health risk with their toxic feces and with the parasites, rabies and other diseases they carry.

The best solution is wildlife prevention. SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated wildlife prevention services  keeps wildlife from entering your home in the first place and reduces the risk to you, your family and your pets. To avoid any wildlife problems in the future, it is recommended to have the service conducted in advance rather than calling for wildlife removal and fixing the damage the animal has caused and then wildlife proofing in the future.

SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated Prevention Services

SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated prevention practices methods that safely remove the animals from your home without you or the animals getting hurt. Our technicians will identify the wildlife animals whereabouts, then remove the wildlife from your home. SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated technicians, when doing prevention will fully inspect the areas of your home for any wildlife animals, entry-points, potential entry-points and we will put wire mesh on necessary areas to prevent the animals re-entering in your home again. SOS wildlife prevention guarantees the specific area proofed by SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated technicians unless it’s been tampered with.

  • Wildlife Proofing Chimneys

Chimneys are one of the more common ways wildlife use to get into your property. To prevent this from happening, the chimney should be covered. SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated provides wildlife proofing for chimneys where they are covered with galvanized steel mesh. This material is used to prevent wildlife from being able to chew through.

  • Wildlife Proofing Roofs

Sometimes wildlife will make several damages to your roof and vents and use it as an entry-point. In order to prevent this, SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated will identify possible entry-points- main entry-points and other entry-point and use a galvanized steel mesh, a material strong enough to keep wildlife out to protect either the vents, the soffit, the fascia, the pipes etc.

  • Wildlife Proofing Ground

Some wildlife species frequent the ground more than the roof. In these cases, the area around is dug, and galvanized steel mesh is used to protect areas such as the porch, shed, deck from wildlife.

“We had a very pleasant experience while Sherwin was at our house removing the skunks that had taken up residence underneath our shed. Sherwin and his crew installed a a one-way trap so the skunks could exit humanely but not return. They also installed a guard around the shed that would prevent the skunks from digging to get underneath the shed should they decide to return. He was prompt, professional, thorough, and very friendly. He also provided a prompt follow-up to make sure that the skunks were gone. We highly recommend Sherwin and S.O.S. Wildlife Control.” -Homestar Review


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Wildlife Prevention Tips

There is a numerous amount of wildlife prevention tips to keep wildlife out of your home.

  1. First, you can research on what wild animals like to eat, their habits, what they like their habitat to be like, etc. This way you would know what to prevent from doing.
  2. Second, regularly check for openings or holes in your roof, under your porch and also to your basement. If you see any openings you need to make sure to seal it.
  3. In addition to openings to your home, wildlife like to come in your home by the roof. Therefore you need to make sure that there are not any overhanging branches near your home, if so trim them to make sure.
  4. Keep your garbage in a container that has a lid that can be sealed to keep the animals away from it.
  5. If you have any pets, keep your pet food inside just so your not gathering wildlife animals around you.
  6. Last but not least birds and other animals may enter your home from the chimney in order to prevent that you can buy special caps to block the chimney.

Call a wildlife prevention professional  to humanely remove the animal from your home. SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated full prevention services will keep your home wildlife-free.

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