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Although wasps are small, they are very capable of damage. Wasps could drill holes in nearly everything especially wood, and they would do that to create a tunnel so that they could find warmth during the summers. Due to their capabilities they can make holes in the structure of your home or it can be dangerous and costly. As soon as you diagnose a wasp infestation call a pest control expert to eradicate the problem immediately to save you further costs.

Wasp Removal Services

When dealing with wasps and wasps nest, especially if the nest is in a public area or an area frequented by people, it is highly advised you call a professional who will get rid of the nest permanently and safely. Calling a professional technician will ensure you that the wasps are gone and don’t have to worry about any medical problems or damages to your home. Also SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated, we guarantee our work. If you have a wasp infestation SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated will arrive at your home/property, assess the problem and provide you with the options available. Upon hire if the nest is formed in a hidden area such as behind bricks, an area treatment will be conducted. An Area Treatment is spraying in the area where the wasps are entering, as well as up to two feet around that area. If it is a direct nest treatment, we will spray the nest and remove it.

If you are planning an outdoor event, SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated provides fogging services. This will keep bees and wasps away for an amount of time and keep your guests safe.


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About Wasps

Wasps are known as the nuisance insect who stings leaving people in immense pain. Wasps are divided into two different groups; there are social wasp colonies, and solitary wasps. Social wasp’s colony, are made from scratch each spring by a queen wasp who has fertilized the previous year and have stayed in warmth to survive. The queen wasp starts building the nest, and then gathers other female workers to expand and finish making the nest. In the nest they make 6 sided cells to fertilize the eggs in, there could be more than 5000 individuals in each colony. The solitary wasps don’t have colonies at all. The solitary wasps are individual and have their own little families from the past.

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Wasps Stings

Wasps stings can be extremely painful. You may experience swelling and pain from the sting and for some people, you may have an allergic reaction to the sting which could cause irritation on the skin. Wasps stings have to be taken very seriously due to the fact that it could lead to health risks. Be careful of wasps swarming as this can be extremely dangerous. If you discover a wasp call a professional to avoid any problems. Wasp nest removal should be conducted by somebody with the proper training and equipment. It is highly recommended you use a professional pest control like SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated. With the proper equipment and, years of experience SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated can help you solve your Wasp problem.

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