Raccoon Control – Ukraine’s Army of Raccoons

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Raccoon Control – Ukraine

The Ukraine army are planning to train baby raccoons as sappers to find explosives and sniff mines. This all stemmed from last spring when an officer rescued a raccoon from hunting dogs. The unit decided to foster him and named him Hook. They soon found him a girlfriend – Alice and the couple now live happily in the unit. However what the raccoons don’t know is that their offspring will be trained from kits (babies) to search for explosives and mines. It’s a combat engineering purpose and an unofficial raccoon control technique, which I personally think is very intelligent as raccoons are quick learners, very crafty, extremely adaptable and expert problem solvers. But asking zoologists some says yes they are smart enough, some zoologists say no, too aggressive and curious. But the future will tell if these black bandits can become sergeants.

Raccoon Control Toronto

Waiting on the raccoon fate is similar to Toronto and the new green bins that are being issued to tackle our human-wildlife conflict. Toronto has it’s own army of wild raccoons that troop around our city, enter our homes as they wish, take siege in our attics and obstruct our backyards. And we cant forget our urban cowboy the squirrel who are as bad. Toronto has taken measures to tackle the human-wildlife conflict with the new green bins with a twist handle which should stop raccoons opening them. Hopefully this will work as a raccoon control measure and stop raccoons having a one stop shop for food. Although the repercussions of this could see raccoons breaking into our homes and eating from cupboards, but as I said the future will tell. Maybe we should take inspiration from the Ukraine army and think further outside the box to help with raccoon control. As it is illegal to kill these animals, ideas to train them to help in other areas just like we use dogs is an idea. I am not saying this is ideal as I am all about leaving wildlife to be wild but the human – wildlife conflict in Ontario needs to be approached on some level. The Ukraine Army training them is inspiring and highlights there are answers to our conflicts.

Not to quote Suits but there are always options. “When you’re backed against the wall, break the god damn thing down!” 🙂

For more information on Ukraine’s raccoon army check out he article – “Ukraine’s Army to Train Raccoons as Sappers“. Until Toronto can reach an answer to our raccoon control problem you can call SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated who can look after your wildlife needs, we remove all animals humanely from your property and they are taken a mile away and released back into the wild. Check out our raccoon removal page for more information.

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