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SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated: Experts in Emergency Wildlife Situations

Is It Time to Call for an Emergency Wildlife Removal Service Provider?

Have you been awakened and disturbed by a raccoon running around the living room in the middle of the night? SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated is the company to call. No matter what time of the day or no matter where you are, rest assured we’ll attend to your animal emergency need without hesitation.

Well, just because we focus on emergency wildlife removal services, it does not mean we can’t help get rid of a raccoonin the attic. Of course, we are happy to help. But, if the situation can still be handled, please contact us during business hours between 7 AM to 7 PM.

Why Wildlife Emergencies Take Place

In case you are wondering what we mean about wildlife emergencies, then here you go. Bats flying in the living room, snakes in the bathroom, skunks and raccoons in the living room are just among the most common wildlife emergencies.

These emergencies happen because in some places, the loss of habitat for animals like batssnakes, raccoons, and skunksmay cause them to look for new places to build their homes. That means, to be able to survive, they would seek shelter in places they aren’t supposed to live.

Hence, it would not be surprising to find these creatures around the house, especially if they find that your place is a suitable habitat.

Be Wise. Take Action.

Sometimes, wildlife situations may suggest emergency for homeowners, especially if the animal has already entered the home and has started to threaten everyone. If you ever find yourself in this kind of situation where a wildlife has entered your property, the experts at SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated are willing to respond.

Yes, we know you are tempted to get rid of the animal by yourself. But please, before you do that, think about it over and over. You never know if it was you who destroyed its habitat first, the reason why it sought shelter in your home.

We understand that you are upset and that you want to get the animal out of your sight, but as much as possible, don’t touch the animal. Instead, call the experts.  The animals may carry rabies and can be dangerous when provoked. Leave it to the expert to help remove the pest in your home.

Call the Experts: SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated

SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated is a licensed company that has been in this industry for years now. We’ve been working with wildlife agencies to ensure we provide emergency pest and wildlife control services in the most humane way.

In our years of service, we’ve handled a plethora of commercial and residential animal nuisances. Even better, we do it right away. So, even if raccoons, bats, and squirrels are wreaking havoc your property at 1 AM or late in the afternoon, our team will be happy to assist you with your concern.


CALL US TODAY 1.800.981.0330 or (647) 994-9453

24/7 Services Like No Other

We can never tell when a wildlife emergency may arise. That is why we are here. Because we focus on providing emergency wildlife removal services, we will definitely rush to help.

If you are in the middle of any pest or wildlife nuisance emergency, do not hesitate to give us a call. It is our promise to keep you and your family safe against wildlife disturbances.

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