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Risks of Raccoons On Your Property

  • Droppings left on and around property
  • Risks of being exposed to germs, rabies virus, or diseases
  • Encounters with an aggressive raccoon
  • Baby raccoons being raised on your property
  • Raccoon roundworm infections
  • Raccoons going through your garbage can and storage boxes for food source
  • Raccoons chewing up your trash can, electrical wiring, vents
  • Pets being aggravated of the presence of the raccoon nearby
  • Damage to the structure of the building, attic, and/or your belongings

Human Raccoon Removal Process

Full Inspection of the Outside of your Home

SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated will review your house and record a video for you to review during the inspection. We will review the video together and show you where they are coming in and what we would need to do to prevent the animals from coming in to your house again.

Capture and Release of Raccoon

When raccoons take up residence inside an attic they are capable of causing tremendous amounts of property damage. In very little time, a family of raccoons is capable of destroying your insulation and filling your attic with harmful and odorous urine and faeces.

Full Inspection of the Inside of your Home

Roof is Animal Proofed to Prevent them from Going in to the House in the future. All the work that we do is recorded so that you can review our services.

Raccoon Proofing your Home

By Law Animals must be release captured live wildlife within 1 kilometre of where they were captured. This allows them to join their families safely.

Removal of Baby Raccoons inside the home

Raccoon can live inside your walls. This can cause some sever damage to your home. Here is example of a video of how we remove raccoons inside of your home.

Raccoon Leaving the home and never coming back

Here is an example of raccoon leave a clients home and never being able to go back in. We hope the little fella enjoyed this stay and finds a new home.

Why call SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated for raccoon removal services?

SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated has been in the business of animal removal and prevention services over the course of many years. Our trained technicians provide services in raccoon control conducting humane treatment of animals while delivering exceptional service, efficient procedures, and effective methods. We ensure that in our practice, the animal, yourself, and the technicians are safe, and the job is done right.

Raccoon Removal in Toronto

  • Raccoon Removal
  • Baby Raccoon Removal
  • Raccoon Control
  • Raccoon Trapping
  • One-way Door installations
  • Sealed/screened entry points
  • Raccoon Prevention
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CALL US TODAY 1.800.981.0330 or (647) 994-9453

Home Stars Reviews

My issue was suspecting a raccoon was in our attic. Sherman was excellent. He was willing to come at my requested time to look in our attic. On the day of the appointment, it was snowing and the roads were slick. However, despite the bad weather, he still arrived at the scheduled time. He wore booties so as not to mess up the floors each time he went in the house. He took the time to check the attic to see if any signs of a raccoon or other animal was present. No holes in the venting or roof were seen but while here, he also checked our mouse traps for evidence of any mice. He provided very good service and since nothing was found, he didn’t charge us for his work. I would definitely recommend him for your animal control needs.

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Our Raccoon Removal Service Area in the greater Toronto area

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Raccoon Removal

Adult Raccoon Removal/Baby Raccoon Removal

After an inspection is conducted, SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated technicians will be able to provide you with a thorough description of what the problem is. Based on the inspection, our technicians will explain to you what the main entry points are, other entry points and potential entry points for proper raccoon control. Multiple options will be given to you tailor-made to your specific situation and structure of the property. The main method for raccoon removal is a one-way door. Once a one-way trap door is installed, when a raccoon leaves as part of their regular routine, they will not be able to re-enter. When the raccoon leaves, the one-way trap door is then replaced with screening that will prevent the raccoon from re-entering from that same screened area. If babies are involved in the raccoon removal process, a one-way door is not used. The technician will physically remove them from the property and place them in an insulated box. They will remain here until their mother picks them and relocates them to a new den one-by-one. If a situation requires a snare or trapping the raccoon, they must then be relocated a maximum of 1 kilometer away in accordance with Ontario Law.

To ensure that raccoons will not enter through any other weak-points or potential entry-points, a prevention method can be conducted. This ensures that the weak-points, entry-points, potential entry-points and main entry-points are protected by galvanized steel mesh, a material strong enough to prevent raccoons from chewing through.

If you have any questions about raccoon removal or raccoon control, baby raccoon removal or pest control, you can call SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated at 647-994-9453

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