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Homeowners and business owners all over the Town of Newmarket have been satisfied customers of SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated for many years. Delivering solutions to wildlife problems, our experts ensure that we provide humane, professional and effective results to the community in Newmarket.

Newmarket is a great neighbourhood for people who are looking for great community, a sense of belong and many activities for every part of the family to get involved with. With place like Elman W. Campbell Museum or College Manor Park, there’s always something to go out and do.

Newmarket, like many other areas around the GTA, is home to all sorts of wildlife, so it is important to note some of the precautions that should be taken in order to keep your property, home, family safe and wildlife damage free.

If you are in Newmarket, and you need wildlife nuisance solutions, give us a call at 1.800.981.0330 today!

Wildlife Removal, Newmarket


Raccoon Removal Newmarket

Your #1 Choice Against Nuisance Emergency Problems

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Some of our customers in Newmarket, ON tried to trap raccoons themselves before they finally called us. It wasn’t working out so well, since successful raccoon removal relies on a thorough study of raccoon behavior. They were very happy with the full scale raccoon prevention that we were able to offer to them.
We have had many adventures in the area helping homeowners deal with wildlife pests. We’ve seen bats grow attracted to Newmarket swimming pools, for example. Skittering squirrels have also left some Newmarket residents at their wits end. Fortunately, our humane and methodical approach really works, and we’ve been able to give each of our customers real peace of mind by the time we’re done working with each property.
Of course bats and squirrels aren’t the only nuisance animals you might encounter in your home or business.

Raccoon Removal Newmarket

As part of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Newmarket has a serious raccoon problem. In fact, The Star even had an interesting story to tell about the way that raccoons unzipped a bag to get at a Thanksgiving turkey. They also got away with the banana bread.

While that’s no reason to start imagining a scene out of “The Birds,” raccoons can be dangerous, just as any wild animal can be dangerous. They can carry diseases such as roundworm and rabies, and they may bite when they feel threatened.

More about Newmarket

Newmarket is one of the 9 cities in the York Region of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). And when you look at stately landmarks like the Old Town Hall, wildlife probably isn’t the first thing that would spring to your mind. In fact, we’ve all been conditioned to believe that most urban areas are devoid of any real wild animals—but nothing can be further from the truth.
If nothing else, birds and squirrels have always adapted well to human cities.
Keep in mind that you can’t call animal control when you find out that your Newmarket home has an infestation of skunks, raccoons, birds, bats, squirrels or groundhogs. Animal Control is not the same as wildlife control. Newmarket Animal Control runs the local animal shelter for domestic pets like dogs and cats. They respond to animal licensing issues, “poop and scoop” issues, animal noise complaints, and other issues related to responsible pet ownership. They will categorically refuse to remove a raccoon or a family of squirrels from your attic.
They do have a little bit of information about living with wildlife, which you can read here.
Some of their tips are good, but a full scale wildlife control plan will usually require more than well-secured garbage and leashed pets. If you want to prevent wildlife pests from taking over your home, or if you want to remove a pest that’s already there, just call us.

We can be reached at 647-994-9453 or via e-mail at for raccoon removal