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My issue was suspecting a raccoon was in our attic. Sherman was excellent. He was willing to come at my requested time to look in our attic. On the day of the appointment, it was snowing and the roads were slick. However, despite the bad weather, he still arrived at the scheduled time. He wore booties so as not to mess up the floors each time he went in the house. He took the time to check the attic to see if any signs of a raccoon or other animal was present. No holes in the venting or roof were seen but while here, he also checked our mouse traps for evidence of any mice. He provided very good service and since nothing was found, he didn’t charge us for his work. I would definitely recommend him for your animal control needs”

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We at SOS Wildlife Control pride ourselves on both our knowledge and care in our field. We value our customers and care about your experience with us. We ensure to provide timely and effective solutions to your animal infestation, all while using humane methods and techniques. We understand the value and importance of getting the job done quickly and will promptly schedule you for next-day appointments. If you suspect that you may have an animal infestation be sure to contact us as soon as possible to have your situation inspected and treated promptly.

West Toronto

Toronto is a city filled with hustle and bustle. It is a large city and the liveliness does not only pertain to the downtown part of the city, but also to its proximate areas, just like West Toronto. West Toronto is a lively area with a diverse population, hosting a great amount of sights, activities and recreation for all different types of interests. A popular attraction such as Little Italy can be found in West Toronto, which is home to many delicious restaurants and cafes – perfect for foodies. If you enjoy nature and the outdoors, you can find your happy place at High Park. High Park is a beautiful and popular area, perfect for relaxing and being among nature to take time away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The park is a little slice of serenity within the busy city. If quaint shops and streets lined with flower vendors and stores with fresh produce are things that interest you, then Bloor West Village is a great spot for you to visit in West Toronto. There are a variety of sights, restaurants and attractions that fit various interests.

Wildlife in West Toronto

The Toronto area has a large population which pertains not only to humans, but also to the wildlife that can be found in and around the city. A large population of wildlife have made themselves at home, just as Torontonians have. It is important to be aware of the large population of wildlife that is among the city, and the potential damage it could cause your place of residence and workplace. It is also important to keep your distance when it comes to animals in the city. They may be daring as they are used to humans around them. Be cautious as an animal can carry diseases which can spread to you if you get bitten.

Some types of animals that you will find within West Toronto include skunks, racoons, squirrels, bats, mice, rats and opossum. It is important to be aware of what kind of wildlife is roaming around West Toronto in order to be cautious and prepared for any potential infestations. Remember to keep your distance and to seal off any potential entry points in your home.

Wintertime risks

There is a common misconception that when the cold weather arrives, animals retreat into the wilderness to find shelter and hibernate, however this is not the case. If you do not take the appropriate measures to ensure your home is not accessible to wildlife, they may find their way into your home. In fact, your home is an inviting space for animals, with the abundance of food, warmth and shelter that it provides. If you allow animals to make their way into your home, they gladly will. Especially animals such as mice, rats and squirrels that can squeeze their way into your home through small cracks. Be sure to seal any entry points to deter access. Another preventative measure is to place waste in a sealed garbage bin that is difficult to access in order to prevent animals from being attracted to your home.

Wildlife Removal in West Toronto

We understand the issues and damage that wildlife can cause when they invade your home or workplace. Not only can the invasion cause damage to your space, it also can cause distress if the animals are vicious, not to mention the feeling of disgust when animal droppings are found. Additionally, animal invasions can pose a risk to your health if the animal is carrying diseases. With our years of knowledge and experience we have witnessed the homes and workspaces of many people become overtaken with wildlife overnight and understand the urgency to have the situation assessed and resolved in a timely manner. At SOS Wildlife Control we strive to solve your problem quickly and efficiently as we understand the value of time and safety for you and your space. We use effective and humane methods in order to remove animals from your space. If you are having wildlife problems or suspect that you may have a case, contact us as soon as possible to have your situation assessed and taken care of.

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