Do Male Red Squirrels Kill Offspring When There Is Abundance of Food

Do Male Red Squirrels Kill Offspring When There Is Abundance of Food? Here’s What Studies Have Found

  In a recent study done by scientists from the University of Alberta, it was found that male red squirrels kill the baby of their male rivals in times when there is an abundance of food. The study was published in the Ecology journal and it is the first ever proof of the eccentric practice[…]


How To See If Squirrels Are in Your House

A Rundown through few signs that will help you determine if your home is frequented by Squirrels. 1: Peculiar clamors are heard The two most normal sounds you’ll hear are either a cluster of rushing and hopping sounds in your upper room or the sound of steady scratching if one of them have turned out[…]

What to do about squirrels and raccoons on your yard

What can you do about squirrels and raccoons in your yard?

Squirrels and raccoons in your yard Squirrels and raccoons, like any of us, want a place to call home, to come back to after a long day and to raise their family in.  Unfortunately these furry tenants can cause problems for you, your home and your family. Squirrels and raccoons can become extremely protective especially[…]

baby squirrel in hand

Baby Squirrels on Your Property and the Possible Damages that can take place.

During one time or another, what can be found in your attic, walls, garage or wherever it might be are baby squirrels. This time of year, the appearances of baby squirrels are on the rise due to it being baby season. Mother squirrels look for a place most suitable according to their standards but when[…]

Wildlife Control Expert Holding Squirrels Removed From a Residence

What you can do about Squirrels or Raccoons on your property

Squirrels and raccoons have always been culprits when it comes to hanging out in our backyards, lawns and attics. They take advantage of the space, the food sources and shelters available nearby which make it a convenient place to stay but for the residents who own the property, it can be a problem. Although raccoons[…]


Types of Damages Pests can do to your Property

Garden pests seem like a small problem, but these issues can actually escalate very quickly. Many people dismiss garden pests, as a small situation but this blog will help educate you on some of the damage that garden pests can do to your property. Raccoons When you think of raccoons you just think about them[…]

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Wildlife in Mississauga, Brampton, North York

Last Updated: June 2016 Morning in Brampton By 7:30 am SOS Wildlife Control Inc. technicians were on the road, ready to begin the day bright and early on the highway from North York to Brampton. A typical day for our technicians consists of driving out to all corners of the city to meet with customers and[…]

Squirrel Baby Season

Congratulations to these little guys! It’s Squirrel Baby Season

Last Updated: June 2016 Brown little furry, bushy tailed mammal. Faced paced, and great climbers, squirrels have been a common resident to all over the GTA for many years and this season, is squirrel baby season! Congratulations to the expectant mothers out there who are about to be giving birth to a litter of adorable baby[…]

Call SOS Wildlife for Richmond Hill Squirrel Control

If you’re living on the south side of York Region, something you’re bound to hear about one time or another is Richmond Hill squirrel control. Fast little four-legged climbers, squirrels are quite the creatures. If you’ve lived in Ontario for a while, you’ll know that these guys aren’t ridiculously shy and will more often than[…]

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How to select the right wildlife control company for you

Last Updated: June 2016 It’s no secret that there are a ton of selections for wildlife control companies in Ontario who can help you solve your wildlife problem which is why it is difficult selecting the right wildlife control company. From east of the GTA to the west, north and south, the number of options are countless.[…]

Wildlife Control Expert Holding Squirrels Removed From a Residence

How to Safely Handle Baby Squirrel Removal

Last Updated: June 2016 It’s almost that time of year again where we welcome new batches of baby squirrels into the world. Spring time is the season where mother squirrels give birth, so get ready and read up, because you probably don’t want to get yourself in a baby squirrel removal situation this year! Ontario is[…]

Wildlife Control Expert Holding Squirrels Removed From a Residence

What to do When You’re Faced with Squirrel Problems

Last Updated: May 2016 One of the most common urbanized wildlife in Toronto and the GTA is squirrels. Quick footed and fast grabbers, squirrel problems have recently become an urban homeowner’s nightmare. Their small and flexible bodies allow them to go in and out of spaces, hide inside tree barks, and enter structures through cracks[…]

Squirrel Baby Season

Squirrel Removal Cost

Last Updated: May 2016 How much does squirrel removal cost? Squirrel Removal costs vary as not every squirrel removal job is the same. Calling a wildlife removal service to remove a squirrel in your yard is a lot different to removing squirrels in an attic where baby squirrel removal is also required. There are some very low[…]