Squirrel Baby Season

Squirrel Removal Cost

Last Updated: May 2016 How much does squirrel removal cost? Squirrel Removal costs vary as not every squirrel removal job is the same. Calling a wildlife removal service to remove a squirrel in your yard is a lot different to removing squirrels in an attic where baby squirrel removal is also required. There are some very low[…]

squirrel removal cost

Squirrel Damage

Last Updated: May 2016 Small and quick footed, these little creatures can cause quite the headache to many homeowners across the GTA. Squirrel Damage is one of the most common wildlife problems in Ontario. We see them everywhere, under all types of weather conditions; squirrels are a part of our culture, and of our natural environment. The[…]

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Getting Rid of Squirrels

Last Updated: May 2016 It is very common in Toronto GTA to see squirrel-human interaction. People find amusement in watching squirrels sitting in the park watching them run around and climbing up trees. Watching wildlife from afar can be relaxing pastime, but sometimes the interactions are not wanted and people are not pleased with it at all.[…]

squirrel damage

Do it yourself squirrel control measures that don’t work

Last Updated: May 2016 Squirrels are often known for their size, quick feet, and climbing abilities, however you will not find this impressive rather a nuisance once you realize the damage they are capable of doing to your home. It’s important to exercise caution when around wildlife. Squirrels like other animals may become aggressive feel threatened and they are not[…]