Wildlife Proofing Your Property – Toronto GTA

by | Jul 31, 2015 | About Wildlife

Last Updated: May 2016

Wildlife proofing your property is important as Toronto and the surrounding Greater Toronto Area are home to a large number of wildlife. Wildlife have no choice but to move into the cities as we’ve grown and expand further into the countryside. Each year they are forced into closer contact with humans and must compete with us for food, shelter and space. Conflicts can be prevented depending on how we think and act towards wildlife. It is our responsibility to educate ourselves and neighbors about living with wild animals. We will always have wildlife within our city environment, and wildlife will continue to enter our properties until we take preventative measures,

Wildlife proofing your property is important to ensure everyone’s safety and to avoid conflicts

SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated offers wildlife assessments of your property to help identify the wild animal that may inhabit your property. This assessment will offer solutions to humanely remove the animal and suggestions for preventative measures. We will inspect your attic and close off entry-points, but before securing them, we ensure that there are no wildlife trapped inside. We will cap chimneys, put mesh over entrances, and soffits, all the weak areas of your house. A mesh fence is installed around your yard to prevent any further digging from unwanted guests.

The picture below is us wildlife proofing a deck. The ground is dug several ft and wire mesh  is installed so animals cannot dig underneath.

Further steps we advise you to take to keep wildlife off your property include:

  • Installing motion-sensor lights to startle wildlife
  • Trim tree branches that overhang your home
  • Keep garage/shed doors securely closed
  • Do not feed wildlife, they will keep returning if you do
  • Clean up after BBQ’s and make sure there is no scrap food remaining
  • Securely close your bins with a bungee cord so wildlife cannot open it. Raccoons have very nimble fingers that they can open bins and tumble them over

Feeding wild animals almost always results in negative consequences for both humans and wildlife

The least traumatic and most inexpensive way of dealing with wild animals is to wildlife proof your property before wildlife moves in. Wildlife proofing your property will save you costs in the future as you will avoid animal removal and damages.

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