Do it yourself squirrel control measures that don’t work

by | Aug 26, 2015 | Squirrel Control

Last Updated: May 2016

Squirrels are often known for their size, quick feet, and climbing abilities, however you will not find this impressive rather a nuisance once you realize the damage they are capable of doing to your home. It’s important to exercise caution when around wildlife. Squirrels like other animals may become aggressive feel threatened and they are not very patient animals. Squirrels are capable of biting you and scratching you very hard, which could be extremely dangerous especially if the animal has a disease. Interaction with squirrels can be dangerous just as an English photographer found out when he wound up viciously attacked by a squirrel after he tried to take a selfie with a squirrel.

This is a perfect example of how a small interaction with squirrels can be dangerous. If this is their aggression in the outdoor space you can only imagine in the confined space of your backyard or attic. If you have squirrels in the attic we recommend you hire a professional for squirrel control measures to eliminate risks.
When squirrels do make their way into your home it can be frustrating. The best squirrel control measures is to contact a professional wildlife control technician in order to do a squirrel removal service for you.  Sometimes people prefer to preform squirrel removal themselves which is not recommended, to avoid costs. They buy repellents and use DIY internet methods to try and remove the squirrel from the attic. Be cautious, as there may be squirrel removal products that are mostly gimmicks for your money on the market. Some may work for a few days but in many cases, squirrels usually return. There are several myths on how to conduct squirrel removal but usually none of them work as well as calling a pro. The time, energy, money and especially the frustration have lead many of my customers to call SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated. Contact a wildlife control technician for squirrel removal .

DIY Squirrel Control Tips

Here are some methods of DIY Squirrel Control that are commonly used

  1. Leave a portable radio outside all night so that the squirrels get scared by hearing the human voices so that they don’t try to come close to your home or garden.
  2. Sprinkle different spices and powders around your home so that the squirrels runaway because of the smell and or taste the powder or spices might have. Some examples would be red crushed peppers, Cayenne peppers, black pepper, cinnamon powder, garlic powder, onion powder, chili powder and etc…
  3. Shred bits and pieces of soap. People say that the squirrels hate the smell of the soap and would runaway!
  4. Repellents – There are many squirrel removal products out there that you can buy that is guaranteed to get rid of your unwanted guests. Most of these are gimmicks and a simple way for people to spend their hard earned money on products that will not deliver the end result that they wanted. It may drive the squirrel away for a few days but they will come back eventually.

Take it from a professional, squirrels can be very destructive. You can try any of the above to try and get rid of the squirrels yourself but the best results are through a professional squirrel control service. The easiest and most efficient way to do a squirrel removal is to just contact a wildlife control technician like SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated to provide squirrel control services. For more information on our Squirrel Removal services read our Squirrel Removal page.

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