Getting Rid of Squirrels

by | Oct 2, 2015 | Squirrel Control

Last Updated: May 2021

It is very common in Toronto GTA to see squirrel-human interaction. People find amusement in watching squirrels sitting in the park watching them run around and climbing up trees. Watching wildlife from afar can be relaxing pastime, but sometimes the interactions are not wanted and people are not pleased with it at all.

If you’re faced with a squirrel on your property, then it’s very likely that you want the squirrels removed! But getting rid of squirrels can be a difficult task without the proper knowledge and experience. That’s why a lot of people just contact professional wildlife technicians like SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated to conduct squirrel removal for them. To figure out how to get them out, you need to find out how the squirrels get in in the first place. Once this is determined, then you can plan how to get them out.

The preferred and common method professionals usually use a one-way door. A one-way door is a door installed usually at the main entry point. All other entry points are sealed which allows the animal to exit and not re-enter only via the one-way door. This is the most humane squirrel removal method and involves no human wildlife encounter. In certain conditions, depending on the type of situation in play, snares are use. There is no one size fits all solution to getting rid of squirrels, but conducting humane removal with minimal contact with wildlife is the ideal squirrel removal method.

Once you get rid of the squirrel, repairs on any weak points to the property is recommended to ensure you have no further unwanted visitors. SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated will advise you on what areas are in need of attention.

How do squirrels get into your home?

Knowing a little about squirrels will help you understand. Squirrels are fairly intelligent mammals who can find weak spot on your property. They can rip open soffits, open vent hole, open walls, gable vents, and other roof vents. There are various different ways on how squirrels are able to come inside your home which can be mind blowing once you find out the exact measures they have taken. They are very good climbers, very strong and have agile paws. These traits make it easier for them to climb into your house, or rip soffits or vents and make their way into your attic. They are not one bit scared of heights as they are amazing climbers. Getting rid of squirrels can be tricky, but once they are in your home you should remove them immediately before they cause too much damage.

Some homes may have bigger holes and easier accesses to inside the house. Any ripped soffits or damage on the exterior wall makes it easier for squirrels to enter your home. If you do not fix the weak areas and wildlife proof your home, you may need squirrel control more often to make sure there are no squirrels returning to live inside their house. Once one squirrel lives in a house they leave behind their scent which attracts other wildlife and predators. It is advised when you remove squirrels you should clean that area extremely well. If you’ve had a squirrel in the attic check your attic insulation to see how badly it’s damaged and have your attic restored to its clean state. Wildlife proof your home! If you don’t want to hire a professional, take all the wildlife prevention methods you can yourself to prevent further unwanted critters entering your home. Houses with lots of tall trees surrounding them are higher at risk of having squirrels living in their home. Trim the branches from your house and check for any holes in your roof or soffits regularly throughout the year to ensure there is no wildlife in your home. Read our blog Signs that wildlife are living in your home. Check for these signs and try to remove anything that makes your home attractive to wildlife.

As mentioned previously, squirrels usually come in your attics by torn open soffits, open vent hole, torn open wall, gable vents, and other roof vents. You will want to seal any holes and or openings, but in doing so, you need to make sure you don’t trap the squirrel inside as this is cruel and is illegal. When sealing entry points, close all holes except for the one way entryway. Leave this opening open so that the squirrel will be able to get out. If there are babies involved you will have to contact a professional to remove the babies and their mother. Read our squirrel removal page for info on baby squirrel removal.

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