Squirrel Removal Cost

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Last Updated: May 2016

How much does squirrel removal cost? Squirrel Removal costs vary as not every squirrel removal job is the same. Calling a wildlife removal service to remove a squirrel in your yard is a lot different to removing squirrels in an attic where baby squirrel removal is also required. There are some very low priced removal services, some higher than average, but in all aspects of life you get what you pay for. Fortunately learning what you are paying for has got a lot easier with customer review sites. For wildlife removal in Toronto, Homestars is a great site to see previous customer experience with wildlife removal companies. You can check out our reviews on Homestars here. Squirrel removal is our business and it is very important to us to do the job right and make the customer happy. Please don’t forget if you use our service to leave us a review for our future customers.

Squirrel Removal Cost

For immediate squirrel removal solutions it will vary in cost from $275 to $500. With SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated this will include a full inspection of the roof, attic and other areas of premises to determine all entry routes. We will seal up holes the squirrel has made and install a one way door. The one way door will permit the animal to leave and not re-enter. Additional damages needing to be covered are not included in that price.

We offer additional services for additional charges. If you have a bigger problem you will need to have the problem inspected by a wildlife technician who can then provide you with a quote. Bigger problems include multiple animals living in your home or wildlife proofing your property to prevent future nuisance wildlife entering etc.

Squirrel in the Attic:

Noise in your attic is usually caused by unexpected guest, usually a squirrel. Squirrels are one of the most common wildlife pests. One common complaint is the hearing of “scratching”, which usually ends up being a squirrel in the attic.

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Since squirrels are rodents, their front teeth continuously grow, causing the squirrel to chew, in order to keep their teeth sharp. This is why most of the damage caused by squirrels includes damages caused by chewing. When in nature, squirrels tend to chew on tree barks, twigs and other natural hard items. But when confined in your attic, they chew on electric wiring, roof braces, wood and electrical fixtures. If you hear chewing or scratching in your attic don’t hesitate to call us at SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated.

How are Squirrels removed?

SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated will arrive at your home, inspect your attic or garage or wherever you hear the wild animal and provide you with a thorough outline of what the problem is, finding the main entry point, the options you have and give you an estimate.
The standard humane method for removing squirrels is with a one-way door covering the main entry hole. This ensures the squirrels leaves and cannot re-enter. This involves little to no contact with the squirrel which is the most humane option.
If it is during baby season the technician will be able to seek out the babies and remove them from the property. Once the technician have all the babies, they will put them in a safe heated box close to the one way door that is set up for the mother. Eventually the mother will come and relocate the babies to a new den. Read further on baby squirrel removal.


Other principals to consider with squirrel removal cost

As the prices will vary from company to company in Toronto GTA there are a few other principals you should consider along with the price.raccoon 1

  1. Wildlife control is a highly specialized work with unique liabilities dealing with wild animals.
  2. There is no one price fits all as every job is different.
  3. If you don’t take care of the problem immediately it will end up costing a lot more in the future.
  4. You pay for what you get! Hiring the cheapest company may mean bad workmanship. We have received plenty of phone calls from customers who have had bad experiences with other companies and are willing to pay whatever it takes to get the job done. Bad workmanship and still having wildlife in your home can be very frustrating and you will just want them out.
  5. Wildlife professionals are not government licensed so you need to ensure the company you hire know the law, what is legal and illegal. You can read up on the law yourself on the Ministry of Natural Resources website. Ensure the technicians removal techniques are humane and they know that animals have rights too.  Incompetent advice, poor workmanship, health and safety issues and inhumane treatment of wildlife are characteristics you want to avoid. When hiring a company ask them about the animal, they should know the life cycle of the animal, be aware of birthing seasons and complete an inspection of your attic. Check customer Homestar reviews like ours, please check our Homestar Reviews and leave us one (upon hire). This is one of the best ways to get to know a company.

Our professionals at SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated can assist you with your squirrel control problem. We will come to your property and provide a consultation for your unique squirrel problem and remove it from the site in the required manner. Our services include:

  • Squirrel removal
  • Squirrel control
  • Squirrel proofing
  • Squirrel trapping

SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated has completed courses, knows the law and ensure all removals are humane. All our technicians have years of experience and have the animals safety as their top priority.

Please note that the city does not provide wildlife removal services, they do provide services for pets but they will not remove wildlife from your home. You need to contact a professional like SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated for that – You can read more in our blog “Animal Control vs Wildlife Control in Toronto

It is illegal in Ontario to kill these animals. The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry regulates rehabilitation of wildlife and squirrels must be humanely removed and relocated.

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Quick Squirrel Facts:

  • Color is usually Gray with a white belly but there are several color phases, i.e. brown, black, etc.
  • Weight slightly varies between Males & Females weighing around 1-2 pounds
  • Will gain access to your home by:
    • Chimneys
    • Roof vents
    • Attic fans
    • Stove, dryer and furnace vents
    • Wood siding
  • Damage they will cause once inside home:
    • Contamination of insulation
    • Chewing of electrical wires and cables
    • Young may fall between walls and die, causing an odor
    • Urine & feces contamination