Squirrel Damage

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Last Updated: May 2016

Small and quick footed, these little creatures can cause quite the headache to many homeowners across the GTA. Squirrel Damage is one of the most common wildlife problems in Ontario. We see them everywhere, under all types of weather conditions; squirrels are a part of our culture, and of our natural environment. The trouble starts when the weather conditions become more and more extreme, and they start looking for shelter. As it starts snowing and weather gets colder, squirrels start looking for a new home. Often times they sneak in through garage doors, structural cracks, climb through left open doors and windows and climb down your chimneys. Their preference? Your attic! Squirrels in the attic is very common as it is quiet, well insulated, and away from the people. They like to build their dens, and bring their young ones over here. During their stay, they leave behind their feces and plenty of urine. This in return attracts other animals and the squirrel damage begins. Aside from spreading germs and possible diseases, squirrels also cause physical harm to your property. Their urine will weaken the floors, ceilings and lead to leaking. It will stain and spread very quickly.

It’s in their nature for squirrels to chew. They chew on variety of things including metal to keep their teeth short and sharp. Just like their nails, their teeth also grow, and this the only way they know how to keep it trimmed. Squirrel bite marks are the most common damage found where they have set up their dens. They are also notorious for chewing on electrical cables. This is not only a headache to replace; it’s also extremely dangerous as it been the cause of house fires across Canada and the U.S. Their sharp nails which help them climb and grip is also problematic when it comes to damages. They scratch hardwood and plastic surfaces, digging their nails in as deep as half an inch.

Squirrels main objective is to seek warmth and security from extreme weather conditions for themselves and their families. Unlike skunks and raccoons, one would rarely see these little creatures wandering around their home. They are often in hiding in places like the attic or under staircases. Because they don’t wander around the house looking for food, they source external resources and bring their food into their dens. In order for them to enter and exit in and out of your property, they tend to create an obvious opening if there isn’t already one existing. Using their teeth and fingers, they chew out and carve openings where they can bring in food they find outside for themselves and their families.  They usually eat through shingles on the roof, or vent pipes to make their entrance ways. All of these damages can be extremely costly and have domino effect in determining repairs.

In not so extreme weather conditions, squirrels still go around, causing damage to properties. They can eat through lead sheathing, fiberglass, and polyethylene. These surfaces are inclusive of but not limited to roofs, water pipes, doors, sliding doors, etc. The squirrel damage caused on one’s property can depreciate the value of one’s home, cause injuries, and under worst case scenarios, even cause fire. Needless to say these little wildlife creatures and the damage they are capable of causing are nothing to be taken lightly.

How to Detect and Avoid Squirrel Damage on your Property

Although the most residents of Toronto and the GTA lead a very busy life, it’s very important to take the time to survey your property regularly to detect wildlife control needs. This includes looking out for scratches, stained or smelly surfaces, cracks and holes both inside and outside of the structure. Property owners should also check the attic, under staircases and under their porches regularly as these spots are prime real estate for not only squirrels but other wildlife as well.

Squirrel damage can be avoided by being proactive and ensuring all repair requiring work gets completed quickly and thoroughly. If the repair work can’t be conducted immediately, temporary solutions should be seeked. Aside from caring for the structure of your property, all steps should be taken as per our squirrel control guidelines.

If you suspect squirrel problems in your property, you should contact wildlife removal technicians immediately as the damage can be hefty and theyre may be health and home hygiene impacts. Our professional technicians here at SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated can help with all of your squirrel removal needs, as well as help identify damages on your property. As per all the damage and repair bills they are capable of causing, squirrels are not only a nuisance but they are dangerous. For the well being of your family and your property, you should seek professional services and ensure you are practicing preventative measures for wildlife entry to your property.

While squirrel damages can be looked at as a financial downer, it can be an emotional one as well. One’s first home, family home, place of employment all have sentimental values attached to memory. Don’t let squirrels ruin this attachment and contact professionals to help humanely get rid of squirrels.

At SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated, we provide superior squirrel control services for residential, commercial, and industrial clients. Let us help you solve your squirrel problems, before you have to start dealing with repair bills caused by squirrel damage. We can easily be reached at 1-800-981-0330. Don’t wait and call us to schedule an appointment for a thorough inspection to help evacuate all your unwanted wildlife guests.

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