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Raccoon Control – Ukraine’s Army of Raccoons

Raccoon Control – Ukraine The Ukraine army are planning to train baby raccoons as sappers to find explosives and sniff mines. This all stemmed from last spring when an officer rescued a raccoon from hunting dogs. The unit decided to foster him and named him Hook. They soon found him a girlfriend – Alice and the couple now[…]

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Wildlife Proofing Your Property – Toronto GTA

Last Updated: October 2016 Wildlife proofing your property is important as Toronto and the surrounding Greater Toronto Area are home to a large number of wildlife. Wildlife have no choice but to move into the cities as we’ve grown and expand further into the countryside. Each year they are forced into closer contact with humans and[…]

Animal Control vs Wildlife Control in Toronto

Last Updated: October 2016 Animal Control and Wildlife Control are terms that differ on many levels and are often mixed up. Understanding the difference between the two will help you receive the correct information and get in contact with the right help. Animal Control handles mostly domestic animal cases, like dogs or cats Wildlife Control deals with wildlife like raccoons,[…]

MNR’s Wildlife Conflict Response

Last Updated: October 2016 “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” -Mahatma Gandhi The shooting of the Newmarket black bear on Monday, June 1st, has outraged the public of Ontario, and rightly so. The citizen’s of Ontario are now petitioning the government to[…]

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Toronto’s human wildlife conflict

Last Updated: October 2016 Ontario is and has been facing human wildlife conflict. Constantly, wildlife are breaking into people’s property resulting in wildlife being mistreated treated by humans. From our experience, it is very sad to see what some people are capable of doing to animals, but fortunately there are still a large population of[…]