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SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated provides exceptional mice removal and prevention services to help eliminate the problem in an effective, humane and efficient manner.


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Mice Removal Services

Mice Problems

  • Gnawing at furniture
  • Mice droppings
  • Possible health risks
  • Can get into your food
  • Encounters with pets or children
  • And More

Mice have been an issue for homeowners and business offices everywhere for many years. Little rodents that are quick on their feet, and fast towards your food are not a pleasant guest to have in your home. If you’re looking for a solution to getting and keeping mice out of your property, call SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated!

Professional Mice Removal

Mice indoors are indeed a nuisance that is not uncommon to people in Ontario. Their size and speed often make it tricky for them to be caught. There are many ‘Do-it-Yourself’ methods available online, along with hardware stores and convenient stores often selling different materials and poisons made to be used to mice removal. The problem with this is that, when using these materials incorrectly, the risks are high. Improper use of mice removal methods are ineffective an unfortunately, in some cases, result in a pet or a child getting hurt. This is why calling for a professional service to conduct mice removal for you is the best solution.

“Sherwin and his team were great. He explained what they were going to do, how the traps worked and what would happen to the mice. They were very respectful of my home, covered their shoes and cleaned up after themselves. I’d highly recommend them to anyone with pest problems.” Homestar Review

SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated

SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated has been conducting mice removal for a number of years. With SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated, you can ensure that the proper precautions are taken and that the mice problem is solved in a manner that will keep the customer and the other occupants of the property safe.

Mice Removal

Our professionals at SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated can assist you with your mice and rat control problems. We will come to your home or business and provide a consultation for your unique mice removal issue and remove it from the site in the required manner. We will inspect your property for holes in the infrastructure where mice may be entering through and problems around your property that may be attracting mice. We will use the most appropriate method to eradicate mice from your property using bait, traps and exclusion. These methods are done with safety as our highest priority. Effective rodent control is a process not a one time event.

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About Mice

The most common pest problem in Ontario is mice. If you are hearing scratching or gnawing noises at night, there is a good possibility you have a mouse issue. Mice have strong teeth and can chew through glass, wire and lead. They can enter a building by climbing, gnawing, jumping or squeezing through tight spaces. Mice can prove to be hazardous as they can contaminate food and animal feed. Also, due to their chewing abilities they can tear up insulation walls and attics. They breed at such a rapid rate. One breeding pair can have 5-6 litters per year and have 4-6 babies each time. Within one year, it is possible for 2 mice to grow into a whole mice infestation.

Of the many types of mice, the house mice are the most common one, which mainly lives near humans. They vary in color from white to grey or light brown to black. House mice have excellent hearing and vision and their tiny size allows them to enter homes with as little as 1/4th inch openings. House mice usually feed on plants or whatever may be available. The urine of house mice has a strong odor and they can transmit diseases that can be deadly. If you suspect house mice to be in house make sure to call a wildlife control professional as soon as possible!

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