With humans away, Toronto’s wildlife comes out to play

Are animals retaking the planet now that humans are the ones behind the cages? Wildlife activity are picking up all across Toronto and beyond, and people are noticing. Toronto Star reports, aside from Toronto residents sharing their wildlife encounters on social media, there’s unfortunately also a large increase in pest invasions.

Sherwin Baghani, our operational manager at SOS Wildlife Control, was interviewed to comment on the current situation. Check out the full [Toronto Star article]

And if you spot an animal invading your home, be sure to let our professionals take care of it for you.

Mississauga Wildlife Control

Mississauga located just west of the city of Toronto is a great place to be during a nice day, seated at the patio in your favorite restaurant in Streetsville, or getting your competition on during a go-karting race at Playdium. The city is easily recognized for its’ ‘Marilyn Monroe’ building just off the side from iconic shopping center Square One and for its wonderful neighbourhoods. Unfortunately, like the many other cities surrounding Toronto, Mississauga is faced with an unfortunate wildlife problem.

Not alone in this situation, Mississauga neighbourhoods and other properties have been facing wildlife problems for many years. Raccoons appear in people’s attics making noises below them, or squirrels climbing on your rooftop finding their way behind walls, is not a pleasant situation to have to deal with. Wildlife in the wild or off your property is a pleasant sight to see, admiring these animals from afar as they go about their daily lives is always captivating. But when these animals make their way onto your property where you’re at risk of facing property damage, unwanted noises, baby wildlife or more, it’s clear to see how the situation can quickly turn sour.

Humans and wildlife have long shared this planet, living side-by-side and going about our own routine. It has only become more frequent in the later years that we are faced with wildlife issues and problems and it’s due partially from issues like deforestation. Deforestation forces wildlife out of their natural habitat, in search for a new place to live, survive and raise their young. The result is, wildlife on our property in cities like Mississauga. Because their shelter is no longer standing, wildlife must adapt to a new way of life where raccoons find our attic, walls or other easy places for shelter with nearby sources of food.

Although we understand wildlife’s reasons for what they do and their movement from more forested areas to our Mississauga neighborhoods, we prefer that they do not rummage through our trash bins or make a mess in the attic. If you are a Mississauga resident, here are some tips for you to help discourage wildlife from going onto your property.

Mississauga Wildlife Proofing Tips

  • Ensure that your trash bins and storage bins have a lid, and that they are shut.
  • If your trash bins do not have a lid, consider putting them out in the morning rather than leaving them out the whole night before
  • Keep pet food stored away and hidden
  • If you go on vacation, ask the neighbors to keep an eye out on your home for any wildlife intrusions
  • Do not leave food out for wildlife, do not feed wildlife
  • Ensure that children are aware of what to do when they encounter wildlife
  • Inspect your home for any weak areas or potential entry points wildlife can get through regularly
  • Trim branches that are too close to your home to prevent wildlife from using it as a route to your rooftop

Visit the Mississauga website for more information on Mississauga city wildlife

Regularly practicing these tips can help keep wildlife off your property. For more secure and long term methods, another option is wildlife prevention processes done by a professional wildlife removal technician. Wildlife proofing involves identifying all of the weak spots, entry-points and potential entry-points for wildlife to come through from. Once located, these areas are covered with a galvanized steel mesh, a material strong enough to prevent wildlife from entering.

In the event where wildlife is already on your property and you need to have it removed, call a professional wildlife control company to help you. You do not want to risk injury on yourself or those around you, nor do you want to harm the animal in the process. It’s also important to keep in mind not to take any actions that may trap the animal inside. Doing this is much more problematic as the wildlife animal is trapped and will cause more damages inside. If not taken care of soon enough, the animal might die on the property which although is extremely unfortunate, will also be another task to take care of.

SOS Wildlife Control Inc. provides wildlife prevention and wildlife removal services for the city of Mississauga. We ensure that in our humane methods, we provide efficient wildlife removal services and wildlife prevention. If you are looking to remove wildlife from your property, call a technician today. If you want avoid handling wildlife removal problems in the future, call us for Wildlife Prevention and we’ll be happy to take care of that for you.

If you notice signs of wildlife in your house give us a call. At SOS Wildlife, we provide superior Mississauga wildlife removal services for residential, commercial, and industrial clients, guaranteeing effective results. Let us help you solve your wildlife problems. Taking action before it’s too late will help eliminate animal damage repair costs. We are available 24/7, 365 days a year for EMERGENCY wildlife nuisances, and can easily be reached at 1-800-981-0330. Don’t wait and call us to schedule an appointment for a thorough inspection to help evacuate all your unwanted wildlife guests in the most humane way possible.

Call SOS Wildlife 1-800-981-0330 for Mississauga Wildlife Removal!

SOS Wildlife Control Inc. officially expands to the City of Markham

This past Monday, August 22nd 2016, SOS Wildlife Control Inc. had officially launched the new website www.markhamwildliferemoval.com in light of the service area expansion to York Region’s City of Markham.

SOS Wildlife Control Inc. is happy to continue delivering quality service and results to Toronto,  the surrounding GTA, York Region, Durham Region and more! Our technicians are experienced and knowledgeable in wildlife control solutions and are happy to provide professional, humane and effective raccoon removal, squirrel removal, skunk removal and more to residential, commercial and industrial locations.

For more information, visit this link on NewsWire

What to do When You Find Wildlife in Distress

Wildlife is an amazingly important part of our world. Like humans, wildlife carries each their own personalities, their own set of traits, incredible skills and talents, and contribute in their own way to this planet we all share. While there is a communication barrier that keeps up from being able to fully comprehend one another, we all know that as living creatures, we are all doing what is necessary in order to survive and take care of one another. Keeping this in mind, it’s not difficult to lend a helping hand to wildlife in need when we see them.

On one instance or another, unfortunately, what we encounter is wildlife in need of help. They may be injured, orphaned or sick and don’t have the capability to help themselves. When this happens, it is always encouraged to call a professional to help you in assisting the animal to ensure that they receive the best care possible.

Who can I call if I’ve encountered wildlife in need of assistance?

(Visit website to see full list of services)

Procyon Wildlife Veterinary and Rehabilitation Center – (905) 729-0033

Mission: Procyon Wildlife is dedicated to working with our communities in an effort to help wild animals in need of care. Our goals are to rescue, rehabilitate and safely release these animals, and to promote public appreciation for wildlife preservation.

Toronto Wildlife Centre – (416) 631-0662

Mission: Toronto Wildlife Centre promotes the peaceful coexistence of people and wildlife by providing education and expert advice about wildlife situations, and providing medical care to sick, injured and orphaned wild animals with the ultimate goal of releasing healthy animals back into the wild.

College of Veterinarians of Ontario

A guide to help you find a veterinarian near your location

These services and more are filled with people who are dedicated to helping animals who can either no longer or temporarily cannot take care of themselves. Because we have these people doing their part in helping those in need, thousands of animals have been given a better chance at life.

Can SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated help me with this injured wildlife animal?

SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated provide wildlife removal services like raccoon removal or squirrel removal. We do not provide veterinarian or rehabilitation services. If you are looking to find a wildlife removal service company, read more here.

SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated is a proud supporter of Procyon Wildlife and the work they do in taking care of injured, orphaned or sick wildlife. Procyon Wildlife is a non-profit wildlife rehabilitation center. We encourage those interested in supporting them to do so by volunteering or donating.

More information on how you can help Procyon Wildlife here

About Raccoons

About Raccoons

Raccoons are quite common in Toronto and have become a huge problem not only in the Greater Toronto Area but much of Ontario. With their nimble fingers and high ability to adapt, raccoons have become a nuisance. These black eyed bandits break into people’s homes and offices. We receive many calls about a ‘raccoon in the attic‘, ‘raccoon between wall’, ‘raccoon under deck’ or ‘raccoon down chimney’ so it is definitely not something new. They continually tip over garbage bins and steal pet food. Their strength alone, combined with their determination to get food and shelter make for a potentially costly combination. Weather you plan do it yourself raccoon removal or hiring a professional for raccoon removal, ensure it is humane and in accordance with Ontario Law. It is illegal to kill raccoons in Ontario and it is unnecessary when there are humane approaches available.

Raccoon Damage

Raccoon are larger animals than other urban pests like squirrels or skunks and can wreak a lot of damage on your home.

  • Entry Holes: The entry holes they create on the structure of your home/office will allow rain and snow in as they rip off shingles, facia board, and siding to gain entry.
  • Chimneys: Raccoon use uncapped chimneys for denning sites as chimneys are better than hollows in trees.
  • Structural Supports: They may chew through the structural supports underneath decks and porches.
  • Raccoon In the attic: They will chew on wires which may cause a fire hazard. They use the insulation for their nest and as a latrine thus the insulation will be compromised. The accumulation of feces is a health hazard that can cause raccoon roundworm. Read more on our article “Raccoon in the attic

Once you spot a raccoon in your home have them humanely removed immediately as the damage they cause can be costly. If you have a raccoon in your attic for two weeks there will not be as much damage in comparison to having a raccoon under the deck for several months, however in order to avoid damages altogether it is advised to hire a professional immediately, to get them out and keep them out.

Raccoon Disease

  • Raccoon Roundworm

Raccoon droppings can pose a great threat, their droppings may contain Baylisascaris Procyonis also known as raccoon roundworm. Other animals and people can get infected if they accidentally swallow the egg in soil or water or even by breathing in the spores released from raccoon droppings. Although it is rare, it most commonly affects children and there is presently no effective cure. Precautions need to be taken when handling or around raccoon droppings.

  • Rabies

Another virus commonly known to be spread by raccoon is rabies, which is contracted through the bite of an infected animal. Raccoon are one of the most frequently reported animal species with rabies. An indicator of a distressed raccoon could be if you see a raccoon during the day as they are mostly active during the night. If you do see one, do not approach it and immediately call a wildlife removal professional. Although there are times you may see mother raccoons out looking for food for her babies, precautions should be taken, and a professional should be contacted.

The Ministry of Natural Resources have an Ontario Wildlife Rabies Control Program which is set in place to reduce outbreaks of the virus. The procedure includes dropping a large number of oral vaccine in the form of  bait in the late summer/early fall by air. Since implemented, there has been a great reduction in the number of rabies cases reported. If you, or a pet are ever bitten or scratched by a raccoon, seek medical help immediately. You can read more about rabies in our blog  – Rabies in bats, raccoon and other wildlife.

Wildlife Proofing Your Property – Toronto GTA

Last Updated: May 2016

Wildlife proofing your property is important as Toronto and the surrounding Greater Toronto Area are home to a large number of wildlife. Wildlife have no choice but to move into the cities as we’ve grown and expand further into the countryside. Each year they are forced into closer contact with humans and must compete with us for food, shelter and space. Conflicts can be prevented depending on how we think and act towards wildlife. It is our responsibility to educate ourselves and neighbors about living with wild animals. We will always have wildlife within our city environment, and wildlife will continue to enter our properties until we take preventative measures,

Wildlife proofing your property is important to ensure everyone’s safety and to avoid conflicts

SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated offers wildlife assessments of your property to help identify the wild animal that may inhabit your property. This assessment will offer solutions to humanely remove the animal and suggestions for preventative measures. We will inspect your attic and close off entry-points, but before securing them, we ensure that there are no wildlife trapped inside. We will cap chimneys, put mesh over entrances, and soffits, all the weak areas of your house. A mesh fence is installed around your yard to prevent any further digging from unwanted guests.

The picture below is us wildlife proofing a deck. The ground is dug several ft and wire mesh  is installed so animals cannot dig underneath.

Further steps we advise you to take to keep wildlife off your property include:

  • Installing motion-sensor lights to startle wildlife
  • Trim tree branches that overhang your home
  • Keep garage/shed doors securely closed
  • Do not feed wildlife, they will keep returning if you do
  • Clean up after BBQ’s and make sure there is no scrap food remaining
  • Securely close your bins with a bungee cord so wildlife cannot open it. Raccoons have very nimble fingers that they can open bins and tumble them over

Feeding wild animals almost always results in negative consequences for both humans and wildlife

The least traumatic and most inexpensive way of dealing with wild animals is to wildlife proof your property before wildlife moves in. Wildlife proofing your property will save you costs in the future as you will avoid animal removal and damages.

Call SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated for Wildlife Prevention – 647-994-9453