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SOS Wildlife Control Inc. officially expands to the City of Markham

This past Monday, August 22nd 2016, SOS Wildlife Control Inc. had officially launched the new website in light of the service area expansion to York Region’s City of Markham. SOS Wildlife Control Inc. is happy to continue delivering quality service and results to Toronto,  the surrounding GTA, York Region, Durham Region and more! Our technicians[…]

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About Raccoons

Last Updated: June 2016 About Raccoons Raccoons are quite common in Toronto and have become a huge problem not only in the Greater Toronto Area but much of Ontario. With their nimble fingers and high ability to adapt, raccoons have become a nuisance. These black eyed bandits break into people’s homes and offices. We receive many calls about a[…]

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Wildlife Proofing Your Property – Toronto GTA

Last Updated: October 2016 Wildlife proofing your property is important as Toronto and the surrounding Greater Toronto Area are home to a large number of wildlife. Wildlife have no choice but to move into the cities as we’ve grown and expand further into the countryside. Each year they are forced into closer contact with humans and[…]