Preventative Measures: How to keep your home wildlife-free

Last Updated: June 2016 Wildlife is necessary for our ecosystem but can also cost hefty repair bills for home and business owners when residing in urban areas. There are definitely many preventative measures home and business owners can take to avoid various wildlife damages to their properties. Although each very unique; raccoons, skunks and squirrels can[…]

Wildlife Preventive Tips

Wildlife Prevention Tips

Last Updated: May 2016 You’ve heard the saying “winter is coming” and with winter, also comes wildlife. Seeking shelter from the cold and new breeding grounds, they are quite adept at getting into your home. They will claw, scratch and clamor from the side vents, rooftops and even soffits. The best way to prevent animals[…]

wildlife prevention tips

Wildlife Proofing Your Property – Toronto GTA

Last Updated: October 2016 Wildlife proofing your property is important as Toronto and the surrounding Greater Toronto Area are home to a large number of wildlife. Wildlife have no choice but to move into the cities as we’ve grown and expand further into the countryside. Each year they are forced into closer contact with humans and[…]

Squirrel Baby Season

Wildlife Problem – Do it yourself or use a professional?

Last Updated: October 2016 There are two main options to solving a wildlife problem – do it yourself or call a professional. As a professional I will always advise using our services than doing it yourself, but that being said I do get a lot of phone calls from customers where it just ends up they[…]