10 Things to Know about Baby Squirrel Season 2021

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Squirrels may be pleasant to watch frolicking and playing in your local park; however, they certainly are not welcome houseguests. You may have questions regarding baby squirrel removal, and here at SOS Wildlife Control we have the information to share with you. Here at SOS Wildlife Control when it comes to expertise on pests and wild animals, we are a trusted source, continue reading for insight into this years’ baby squirrel season!

When is Baby Squirrel Season?

Baby squirrel season actually happens twice throughout the year as there are two mating periods. The first mating period takes place in January and February. The gestational period for squirrels is around 45 days, so their baby squirrels would be born around March and April. The second mating period takes place in June and July, where these baby squirrels are expected to be born in September and October.


How Many Babies are Expected per Liter?

A liter for squirrels can be anywhere between 2 – 8 squirrels, with the most common liter being 2 – 4 squirrels. This means that if squirrels are using your home as their nest, you may be housing anywhere between 2 – 8 baby squirrels. Keep in mind that squirrel mothers are extremely protective of their young, do not get in between the mothers and their babies. If you spot baby squirrels, leave them alone and contact SOS Wildlife Control to assess your situation.


Where Can the Liter be Found? 

Mothers want to provide a safe, warm and sheltered place for their young. The attic of your home is often the perfect spot for squirrels to house their babies.  Attics are sheltered, warm, elevated from predators and often cozy with insulation. Your attic is heaven for a squirrel family, if they can make themselves at home, they will.


What are some Signs of Squirrels? 

Although squirrels may be small and agile, they are certainly not sneaky or quiet houseguests. If you suspect that you may have squirrels living among you, continue reading for some telltale signs of squirrels in your home:


You Hear Noises

You may hear noises such as scampering footsteps or jumping squirrels that are coming from above, as these critters move around. Another sound you may hear is scratching or gnawing sounds as squirrels gnaw at your home. You may also notice a scratching noise as squirrels may become stuck in a small area and must scratch and claw their way out of this spot.


There is Damage Around Your Home

As squirrels make themselves comfortable in your home, you may notice damage that was not there before. They may cause damage to shingles on your roof, as well as damage to eaves troughs. They may also cause damage to your attic through their scratching and gnawing, as well as possibly destroying insulation as they inhabit in your attic.


You Notice Droppings

As squirrels make themselves comfortable in your home, they will also likely be leaving you their droppings. Squirrel droppings can sometimes be confused with other animal droppings. If you are unsure if you have squirrels in your home, call the professionals at SOS Wildlife Control to assess the situation.


There is a Foul Smell in Your Home

It is not unheard of for squirrels to become trapped in tight spaces in the attic. As this happens and they cannot escape, they will eventually die. This then causes a foul odor in the home that you may notice.


Don’t Allow Them to Stay

Although squirrels may be quite cute and are certainly pleasant to watch in the park, they do not make good houseguests. If you allow squirrels to live in your attic, they will quickly turn this area into their own haven, leaving your property with damages.


How to Resolve a Squirrel Infestation

The best way to deal with a squirrel infestation is to call the professionals as soon as you suspect that you may have squirrels on your property that needs to be removed. Contact SOS Wildlife Control in order to assess the situation and resolve the problem. An assessment is important in order to understand the situation at hand, such as the level of the infestation you may have, how the squirrels entered your property and which solutions best fits your situation. Here at SOS Wildlife Control we use effective and humane methods in order to keep you, our staff and the animals safe.

At SOS Wildlife Control our aim is to solve your problem quickly and efficiently. We understand the value of time and safety for you and your space. Our team understands the nuisance that some animals can cause. Not only can they be an annoyance and cause damage to your property, they may also carry and spread diseases.  If you are having wildlife problems or suspect that you may have a case, contact us as soon as possible to have your situation assessed and taken care of – call us locally at (647) 995 – 9453 or toll free at 1-800 – 981 – 0330 for all of your wildlife removal needs.