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by | Oct 16, 2015 | Rat Control

Last Updated: May 2016

Although many people assume rats are only found in older structures, they have actually become a serious problem in many areas in the Greater Toronto Area over the years. Both in older and newer foundations, rats cause a severe inconvenience for homes and business owners. From cracks and unsealed structural issues of a property, the quick breeding natures of rats cause both health hazards and additional structural damage to your property. If there is a slight suspicion of rat invasion, it is strongly advised by the health and safety workers of City of Toronto, to contact professionals for rat control services immediately, to keep yourself, your family and your community safe of many potential diseases and parasites. Read more on City of Toronto’s health advisement for rat infestation.

Recent news have shown a rat infestation problem in Toronto parks, which pose a serious risk to the households, businesses, and commercial spaces nearby as rats not only seek enclosed spaces to look for food but they also breed very quickly. Rats can breed at every stage in their life cycles, from approximately 10 weeks old to adults; they are one of the most quickly multiplying rodents in existence. A female rat can produce up to 40 offspring per year.

The most commonly found rat in Ontario is called a Norway rat. It’s usually 20-25cm long, with a long hairless tail. Its color can vary from light brown to black. Norway rats can survive outside in the winter time; however they tend to be close to where humans live. Norway rats can spread diseases germs so control is very important, and to have it conducted by a professional is the best solution.

Signs of Rats

You may not see them running around, but there are definitely certain things to look out for if you think you may have a rat problem. One of the more obvious signs of rat invasion is their droppings. Rats can leave up to 50 droppings per day. These droppings are skinny, dark brown pellets, usually 3/8 inch long, and 1/8 inch in diameter. You may find these in the pantry, attic, basement, and other darker/quieter spaces in your house. Another obvious sign of rat invasion is the scratching sounds they make. Usually between dusk and dawn, rats gnaw on surfaces like plastic or wood, making a scratchy sound, as well as leaving marks on these surfaces. Rats can crawl through spaces that are tiny and also chew on soft substances like cables, and food packaging. In less frequently used spaces in your house, you may also see their footprints. Lastly, finding a dead rat is an obvious sign of rat invasion, as the smell of one another attracts more rats. If you detect one or more of these signs, you should immediately seek rat control services.

Risks of Not Seeking Rat Control Services

Rats can pose a serious health risk to humans. Although there are over a dozen diseases, including parasites such as, tick and lice, one of the more serious risks that people can be infected with is HPS (Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome). HPS is contracted by coming into contact with rat urine and droppings. Aside from causing serious health issues, not seeking professional services for removal of rats could also become a serious infestation problem. Rats breed very quickly. For example, a pair could turn into over a hundred rats in just under a year. Damage to your property such as scratching wood surfaces, as well as causing an infestation problem in your neighborhood are some of the other issues that could arise from not taking action. It is strongly recommended to contact experts for rat control services to ensure removal of rats from your property.

Take Action

  1. Monitor your property regularly: Pay attention to less frequently visited areas like your attic or under your staircases. Watch out for droppings and unfamiliar smells. Observe your floors and other wooden surfaces for footsteps or scratches.
  2. Keep garbage and clutter away: Keep your garbage in plastic or stainless steel containers and make sure they properly close. Take out your garbage regularly. If you collect recyclable containers indoors, such as cans and bottles, rinse them before storing them in a plastic or a stainless steel bin; keep the bins closed with a lid. Pay attention to the area where garbage is kept to ensure there are no droppings. Garbage control is one of the most important ways to avoid rat control
  3. Keep pet foods in sealed containers: Ensure no wet pet food is left out for a long period of time. Keep pet food containers clean by rinsing them regularly. Keep your bulk pet foods sealed an inaccessible
  4. Take care of your property: Pay attention to the structure of your property, treat holes and cracks as quickly as possible to avoid entrance of rats.
  5. Contact experts immediately: If you suspect rat invasion in your home, cottage, or business, contact a professional immediately for rat control

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