What to Do to Prevent Birds from Making a Nest at Your Home

by | May 23, 2018 | Bird Control | 0 comments

It is true that birds can easily capture your attention with their beautiful songs, but when they start taking over your homes, it’s another story. Once you notice that birds are starting to build nests in your outdoor area, you have to take action. Don’t wait for the situation to worsen.  Not only will they block your ventilation system, they will also transmit harmful diseases.

Don’t worry because there is something you can do to keep birds from nesting in your homes. We’ve compiled a few ideas below.

1. Consider using scare tactics.

One effective way to keep birds from nesting and roosting in your homes is to scare them away. That way, they won’t feel welcome. Below are some scare tactics you can use:

  • Plastic Owls and Fake Coyotes – Predators are among the many reasons why birds won’t make a nest in a certain place. So, why not create fake predators to prevent them from making a home in your own? Install plastic owls and fake coyotes within your area. Do not forget to move them around frequently so that birds will not think they are fake.
  • Noise Machines – A noisy environment doesn’t favor birds. For them, it makes them feel uncomfortable. But before you decide to install noisy machines around your home, make sure your neighbors are okay with it. In addition, you need to set it low enough so as not to disturb them.

2. Consider installing physical barriers.

One of the easiest ways to keep birds from building a nest at your roof or ledges is to install a physical barrier. Here are some physical bird barriers available today:

  • Bird Wires – Bird wires are like typical netting installations that utilize several poles to position wires along the ledges. The poles used often have varying height, which creates an uneven roosting place for birds.
  • Bird Netting – Bird nets are readily available in the hardware or in the local market. They are used to keep birds from certain areas that should be off limit to birds, such as the garden. These nets are not only effective at keeping birds at bay, they also repel other pesky critters, too!
  • Bird Spikes – Ideal for flat surfaces and building ledges, bird spikes can deter large bird species from building nests. Although they require regular cleaning once in a while, they are still opted by many homeowners.

3. Hang reflective bird diverters.

To keep birds from roosting in your perches, hang reflective bird diverters. If possible, these reflectors should mimic the eyes of any predator, such as owls and coyotes. As these diverters move and sway, birds should be scared, keeping them away from your porch.

Final Thoughts

Now, if you think you have done everything you can to keep birds from making a nest in your home, but they insist on building a nest, just be responsible. Never use poisons or sticky gels. These methods are inhumane and will only result in injuries.

The best thing you can do is to contact experts like SOS Wildlife Control. These experts can handle the problem in the best possible and humane way.