How to Get Rid of Birds in Your House or On Your Property

by | Jan 15, 2016 | Bird Control

Last Updated: June 2016

Unlike mice or squirrels who make a home out of your house by slickly inhabiting a living space, a bird’s presence and entrance can be spotted out a little more easily. The rustling noises in the corner of a room or a low flying bird hysterically maneuvering around the kitchen space is hardly subtle. In Ontario there are over a hundred different species of birds that live in the province. Some of these birds make it into more urban or city areas and will often experience certain troubling encounters such as getting trapped in somebody’s home, flying into windows or encounters other wildlife in the city. For a homeowner, having to get rid of birds or avoid having them in any of these situations can be an unpleasant one.

As mentioned above, there are very many different types of birds in Ontario. Some of the more common types of birds that you will see in city areas are the European Starling, House Sparrow and the famous Pigeon (also referred to as Rock Dove). These flying friends often become nuisances to us due to the messes made around the household. Birds are often guilty of damaging the house by making nests and messes in places like the garage or yards. They might destroy the garden and your fruit tree, and they leave droppings wherever they stay. Birds in more city areas also become victims of flying into windows of homes and high buildings which unfortunately often result in their death. With the amount of birds this is happening to annually being so high, it’s best to take action now to keep that number from climbing. Flap Canada is an organization that specializes in keeping these birds safe from these incidents.

To get rid of birds from your home there are a couple preventable measure you can take. Having a bright/flashing lights can help get rid of birds from your property (birds will avoid a bright light with an increasing flashing speed, giving the illusion that something is quickly heading towards them). Another technique to get rid of birds is to hang pie tins or aluminum plates from the trees. The reflective light on the tins from the sun and movement they make from the wind aid in keeping your fruit trees bird-free. Depending on where you live, Scarecrows are another option for you to help get rid of birds and keep them away too. If they are residing on the outside of the house, another thing you can do to get rid of birds is to install water sprinklers and seal/shut any doors or holes where birds can enter to keep them from coming in and use your home to build a nest.

How to get rid of birds from inside your home

If a bird has entered the room/building, here are a couple steps that you can follow

  1. Shut the doors: Getting rid of birds from inside a building can be hectic. Take control of the situation by first limiting the area where the bird could go by shutting the doors.
  1. Clear the room of other pets: Keep both the bird and your pets safe by separating them into different rooms. A loud barking noise or jumping animals will keep him from settling down making it harder for you to get rid of the bird
  1. Settle down: The bird can see, hear and sense your level of panic. If you are afraid of the bird, be aware that the bird is also afraid of you and will not calm down until everything else has as well.
  1. Clear exit path: Create a hassle free pathway towards the exit of the home that is clear and easy for the bird to leave from.
  1. Use a towel/blanket or call a technician: Only if the bird does not fly out on his own, gently ross a blanket/towel to help you move it out. This should be used as a last resort. Be very careful when moving the bird out of the building. If you are still experiencing trouble with the bird call an animal removal service company to help you.

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