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Skunk Removal, Prevention and what to do if you get sprayed!

Skunks are often cute and harmless animals from afar but once they spray, that is never the case; skunks are not the greatest choice of company to have wandering outside of your home and can easily become a nuisance to you, your family, pets and property. Skunk Spray Skunks are notorious for their rancid skunk[…]

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Recognizing, Preventing and Getting Rid of Skunks

Last Updated: May 2016 Being well informed is a great way to keep you and your family away from having to deal with getting rid of skunks throughout the year. Now, with the colder weather upon us, wildlife is more likely to make a habitat out of your property, either under your porches, beneath the[…]

Skunk Problem

Skunk Problem

Last Updated: May 2016 Skunks are extremely well known for their horrible smelling, predator deterrent sprays. For that, residents of the City of Toronto and the GTA have been struggling skunk problems. The Main Skunk Problem – Smell One of the main problem skunks cause is their ability to spray a disastrous mist that can travel[…]

Skunk removal

Skunk control

Skunks are mammals known to spray a liquid with a very powerful scent if they are feeling threatened. Skunks are usually 40 cm to 94 cm long weigh about 1.1 lb which is 0.50 kg. They are usually brown and white but can also come in brown and crème, there are two different types of[…]

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Wildlife Problem – Do it yourself or use a professional?

Last Updated: October 2016 There are two main options to solving a wildlife problem – do it yourself or call a professional. As a professional I will always advise using our services than doing it yourself, but that being said I do get a lot of phone calls from customers where it just ends up they[…]