Squirrel Control

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Last Updated: May 2016

Squirrel Control

If you think you have a squirrel control problem SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated can effectively and humanely remove them. Professional squirrel control involves humanely removing the squirrel(s) from your home, screening the animal entry holes and provide wildlife prevention services. Wildlife prevention helps prevent wildlife from causing further damage to your property.

Signs squirrels are in your home

When we receive phone calls from our customers we ask several Squirrel Removalquestions to identify the type of animal. Usually the first sign it is a squirrel is the noise. Squirrels are very noisy. You will hear them scurrying typically at sunrise. At first light they begin looking for food and making irritating noise in the process. Try to track the time of day you hear the squirrel and identify what part of the house you hear it and for how long do you hear the noise. Not every squirrel removal process is identical, so knowing this information helps generate the best plan of action.

If the first sign is not by the noise then it usually is the customer finding the entry hole. You should look around your home for entry holes as there may be multiple entry points. The easiest are for squirrels to enter is through the roof. Squirrels will often rip through soffits, through vents and will gnaw through to gain entry into your attic. Professional wildlife technicians will close all entryways except one. On the last hole, a one-way door will be set up for the squirrel to exit. Upon request they will wildlife proof your home which consists of putting wire mesh around all weak areas of your home that squirrels are likely to go through. Read further on wildlife prevention.

Is Squirrel Control Necessary?

If you have squirrels in your attic or squirrels in your wall you should have them removed immediately. Squirrels get in, get comfortable and reproduce twice annually. The damage they cause can be quite overwhelming as they gnaw on everything to file their teeth, including wiring, siding, gutters, and make multiple entry holes costing you a lot in repairs. Damage depends on how long they remain in your attic, the longer you wait, the more damage. If the squirrels leave eventually, and no prevention methods are taken in place, the vacant space can be re-occupied by raccoons, mice, rats, bats etc. Not dealing with the problem may lead to bigger pests down the line, expensive roof problems and higher energy bills. We advise you to call a professional and have the problem dealt with efficiently and effectively.

Do it yourself squirrel removal

If you decide to take squirrel control into your own hands make sure it is humane. Do not trap the squirrels in the attic or wall or wherever they are. They will die. There are repellent products and sound emitters on the market, that may work, but only temporarily. People also play loud music to get rid of squirrels. You may be successful with some of these tactics but it will be short lived as the squirrels often return. It is my advice to not waste your money on these options. There is no quick and easy fix when it comes to squirrel control. It’s best to have a professional handle squirrel removal while you sit back and relax.

 Read more about professional squirrel control on our Squirrel Removal page where we describe our squirrel removal process.

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