Congratulations to these little guys! It’s Squirrel Baby Season

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Last Updated: June 2016

Brown little furry, bushy tailed mammal. Faced paced, and great climbers, squirrels have been a common resident to all over the GTA for many years and this season, is squirrel baby season! Congratulations to the expectant mothers out there who are about to be giving birth to a litter of adorable baby squirrels. From time to time, squirrels find their way into homes and business places and they use these spaces for a place to live, sleep and take care of their young. While the idea of baby squirrels seems sweet, having a family of squirrels living in your attic or garage isn’t as pleasant as it seems. Hearing both the mother and the babies crawling around upstairs, making messes, leaving droppings and potentially damaging the property will soon be a problem. This is why, during this baby squirrel season that you keep an ear out and an eyes peeled for evidence of squirrels in your home.

About Squirrels

Squirrels are part of the family of mammals called Sciuridae which also include chipmunks, prairie dogs, woodchucks and more! There are over 265 different species of squirrels worldwide. The species that reside the most in Ontario is called the Eastern Grey Squirrel. They have small bodies with a bushy tail and large eyes. They are great climbers with a unique ability to climb down trees head first.  Squirrels usually live in wood areas in trees with hollowed out spaces, but in some cases, they find shelter in a house attic or in the walls. Squirrels feed on nuts, seeds, fungi and more and sometimes exhibit behavior where they store or hide food in different locations for later use.

Interesting Facts about Squirrels

  • Sometimes squirrels pretend to bury their food to trick thieves from taking it
  • Squirrels can find their food even if its buried in the snow
  • Squirrel don’t hibernate
  • Squirrels will eat more during the winter to keep themselves warm

Now that it is quickly approaching squirrel baby season, as previously mentioned, it is important to be aware of the possibility of hosting a family of squirrels in your home! Female squirrel reach sexual maturity at around 1 year and 1-2 years in male squirrels. Squirrel baby season occurs 1-2 times a year, giving birth to a litter of kits after a gestation period of 33-46 weeks. Baby squirrels are born as small as 1 inch. They are born toothless, with no fur, blind and dependent on only their mother for the first two to three months of their life and weaned off. The times vary depending on environmental factors but squirrels generally give birth as early as March. The litter consists of about 2-8 offspring but with a low chance of survival the first year.  Once they reach adulthood, their life span ranges about 5-10 years.

Baby Squirrel Removal

In the event where you find yourself faced with a family of squirrels on your property (squirrel baby season or not), call for a professional to help you remove it. Trying to manage the situation yourself puts the babies, the mother and yourself at risk of injury. Baby squirrels, like all babies are very fragile and extremely dependent on their mother. In some cases, people only remove the adult squirrel, leaving the babies alone with no support. Professional wildlife removal companies evaluate the entire situation before taking any action. When a company like SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated conducts baby squirrel removal, the technicians take precautions that minimize the chance of injury. This is why calling for a professional is the best solution for baby squirrel removal. Avoid using ‘DIY’ methods and contact a licensed wildlife removal company like SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated who can take care of it humanely, effectively and professionally. If you do find an injured squirrel, call for a rehabilitation center like Procyon Wildlife or Toronto Wildlife Center for instructions on what to do.

If you notice signs of wildlife in your house give us a call. At SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated, we provide superior squirrel baby season services for residential, commercial, and industrial clients. Let us help you solve your wildlife problems. Taking action before it’s too late will help eliminate animal damage repair costs. We can easily be reached at 1-800-981-0330. Don’t wait and call us to schedule an appointment for a thorough inspection to help evacuate all your unwanted wildlife guests in the most humane way possible.

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