Removing Squirrels

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Last Updated: May 2016

Our Squirrel Removal technicians are ready to help in Toronto, Richmond Hill and the GTA. Removing squirrels can be costly if you don’t act fast. Coming into winter these critters will be looking for somewhere warm and dry to spend the cold winter months. The ideal space is your attic but keeping them out is the best option. Trim the trees from your house to reduce roof access. Remove rotten pumpkins that will attract them. Don’t overfill bird feeders and keep your pet bowls inside. Squirrels can cause a lot of damage if they enter your home. Some homeowners / business owners know they have squirrels and choose to do nothing about it, as they see no immediate problem. However it is. Squirrels teeth constantly grow and to keep them short and sharp squirrels gnaw on objects. This may be branches or nuts outside but in your home it will be your house structure, wires or whatever you have in the squirrels immediate space. Holes in the structure of your house will be costly to fix and increase your energy bill. Chewed wires are a fired hazard. It is common in Ontario for Squirrels to be blamed for power outages, one squirrel got electrocuted and knock out the whole power of Toronto’s Financial Sector for two hours. Generally animals play a large part in outages outside of the downtown area and cause house fires. Removing squirrels immediately will help avoid costly wildlife damage. The amount of damage depends on how long they remain in your attic.They will not cause a lot of damage if they have been in your attic for less than 2 weeks. If it has been a few months though the damage may be substantial. Attic Insulation can be compromised. Squirrels trample the insulation running back and forth, use it for nests and areas will be covered in urine and feces

Additional side effects to the physical damage is the noise they cause. We get many early phone calls from homeowners woken by the squirrels running back and forth the attic. They are quite noisy and irritating. If squirrels die in a unreachable area in your home the smell of their decay can be quite strong and can last for a few weeks. Removing squirrels immediately will help avoid this. With so many dangers in working at heights and possible parasites from the squirrel feces and getting bit or scratched by the squirrel itself, it’s best to call someone who knows the dangers of the job.

Baby Squirrel Removal

Please read further on our baby squirrel removal method. Squirrels have babies twice a year, spring and fall. With babies involved, it is a different removal procedure as mother and babies need to be reunited outside. Read our article Baby Squirrel Removal.

Amazing Squirrel Fact:

Although squirrels rarely interact, they learn who their nearby relatives are by hearing their unique calls. If they fail to hear a relative’s calls for a few days, they may investigate and rescue orphans.

Removing Squirrels

SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated removes squirrels with the use of one-way doors and occasionally live trapping to ensure squirrels do not get trapped inside, causing more unnecessary damage. Our experienced technicians will then seal all entry points with gauge screening, preventing the return of nuisance pests. If requested we will determine any other vulnerable areas of your home and secure these areas using rust proof screens to prevent them from getting back in. By Ontario law the squirrels are then released one kilometer away. A squirrel nest, called a “drey”, is usually built high up in the trees but if no tree is available, the squirrel will build it in the next best thing: your attic. SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated always release the animal in the best possible area for the squirrel to easily adapt to. Squirrels have oil in their fur that can leave a scent behind for years in your home, so even if that animal is removed, if another comes around it could smell the scent and make itself at home. Ensure all the weak areas of your home are reinforced and all holes are covered – wildlife proofing your property.

SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated has plenty experience removing squirrels in attics, squirrels in businesses, removing squirrels from walls, removing squirrels from soffits.

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