Last Updated: June 2016

Beetle’s are pests that can cause great damage to your home. If you have a beetle infestation we advise you to hire a pest removal company immediately for beetle removal. Beetles are normally black in appearance but come in various other colors such as bright green, brown, yellowish brown, and a lighter black. Beetles have two pairs of wings; one pair of their wing is continued on its back and abdomens. The wings harden like a shell to protect their body. A female beetle can lay dozens to several eggs, which can be problematic if they lay their eggs inside your home. Pheromone is a substance released by beetles and some other insects; this is the way these insects communicate with each other and invites more beetles into your home. The two common types of beetles you will find in your home are the carpet beetle and the black beetle.

Carpet Beetle

Carpet beetles are usually 3 mm long and they belong to the dermestidae family. Carpet beetles are often yellowish brown, with white and black spots and lines all over them. Carpet beetles usually like to come inside our homes as pests which is why beetle removal, preferably by a professional, is recommended. Carpet beetles can cause great damage to your home, and can damage thing such as  furniture clothing and etc. Carpet beetles also often feed on organic things such as skin, fur, wool, leather. These beetles usually like to stay and lay eggs in carpets, under baseboards and closets. Therefore you will have to do a beetle removal once you spot them in your house because they will be damaging to your home. A way these beetles come in your home is often through your garden and flowers since they also feed off of pollen sometimes.

Black Beetle

Black beetles are black and and are about half an inch in size. These small critters have size as an advantage as they can avoid being seen and caught. Beetles usually feed on plants eating pollen from flowers which often comes the main reason why the beetles are coming into your home.  Both the Black Beetle and the Carpet beetle will come inside your house and stay in enclosed spaces. They can be very damaging to your home, furniture, clothes, and plants which is why it is important to do a beetle removal if they come inside your home.

*This post is informational. SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated does not provide Beetle Control Services