With humans away, Toronto’s wildlife comes out to play

Are animals retaking the planet now that humans are the ones behind the cages? Wildlife activity are picking up all across Toronto and beyond, and people are noticing. Toronto Star reports, aside from Toronto residents sharing their wildlife encounters on social media, there’s unfortunately also a large increase in pest invasions.

Sherwin Baghani, our operational manager at SOS Wildlife Control, was interviewed to comment on the current situation. Check out the full [Toronto Star article]

And if you spot an animal invading your home, be sure to let our professionals take care of it for you.

Why Should You Hire a Professional Raccoon Removal Company?

Raccoons may be adorable creatures. However, their intelligence and cleverness are now giving many homeowners in Canada a headache.

There are already reports about these masked bandits causing trouble among Canadian homeowners, especially that they have slowly developed a penchant for living near human territories. While some manage to find their way into attics and build shelter, others rummage through garbage bins just to find food.

Yes, those may not sound like serious problems. But once they are able to set up a permanent shelter in your own personal space, know that removing them won’t be easy. Because they are smart, they will always find a way to escape and avoid capture.

In the event that you find yourself in that situation, your best option is to seek raccoon removal services in Toronto. Well, if you’re still not convinced about calling experts to do the raccoon removal job for you, maybe the following reasons will change your mind:

1. Raccoons can be very aggressive.

When a raccoon is cornered, it can become aggressive. This is especially true if the raccoon is a female with a litter of pups. Once it feels threatened, it will create noise. And then, if you try to chase or trap it, it will do everything to escape, even attack you. Obviously, it’s a job that only professional raccoon removal companies can do.

2. A raccoon’s bite can give you rabies.

Like other animals in the wild, raccoons may also carry diseases. That means the idea of removing a raccoon from your place is not a favorable idea.

The most common disease that raccoons carry is rabies. When an infected raccoon bites a human, it can inflict so much pain. Even worse, it can lead to death.

3. Raccoon repellents do not always work.

Of course, you are free to use a raccoon repellant to keep raccoons at bay. Unfortunately, not all raccoon repellents are created equal. Some of them work, but others don’t.

There are raccoons that can withstand the smell of these repellants. Thus, investing in these products might only be a waste of money.

4. Raccoon removal professionals are equipped with proper industry knowledge.

Raccoon removal Toronto service providers are backed with the necessary knowledge, training, equipment, and experience that are required to safely and humanely get rid of raccoons. They also know how to keep these creatures from coming back.

Some of them will also gladly carry out other related tasks, such as damage structural repairs and restorations, as well as urine cleanup services. If you don’t hire a professional to do all these things, it is likely that your raccoon problems will keep coming back in the future.

5. Specialists use humane animal removal methods.

Again, raccoon removal specialists possess the required skills to deal with these nuisance animals in a humane way. Unprofessional service providers may only tend to use methods that can harm the animal.

Always remember that treating raccoons the wrong way may put you in trouble with the law and some animal rights activists. Just to be safe, call qualified and reliable raccoon removal specialists.

6. You can get an honest assessment of the situation from professionals.

If you contact a professional raccoon removal company, rest assured that your problem has been taken cared of before they consider the job done. They will provide you an honest assessment of the situation first and do everything they could to ensure you end up satisfied with their service.

Sometimes, they will also share handy tips to prevent future raccoon infestation problems So, before you make a decision, be sure that you will be dealing with a legit raccoon removal specialist.

Our Professionals Can Help with Raccoon Removal in Toronto & the GTA

Raccoons may be considered threats to your properties. However, their presence should not keep you from living a comfortable life. Hire a professional raccoon removal company the moment you find out you have a raccoon infestation problem. By doing so, you won’t have anything to worry about in the coming years.

Now, if you are looking to work with a professional raccoon removal company in Toronto, look no further than SOS Wildlife Control. Our specialists have been properly trained to perform wildlife removal services that are in accordance with the laws.

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Say “Hello” to the Squirrels of Toronto

Toronto is home to a wide variety of squirrel species. These little rodents are so common in the wildlife scene of the city that you commonly see them along tall establishments or dancing from one tree branch to another.

However, these squirrels don’t just entertain our eyes by running and bouncing around the yard. Sometimes, they go beyond that, invading homes in search for a safe place that will provide them shelter.

Even though the squirrel population in Toronto seems diverse, there are squirrel species that populate the vicinity. Knowing how to identify these squirrel species will help you deal with them properly and seek the right squirrel control services.

Eastern Grey Squirrels

The black and grey squirrels may look different, but they actually come from the same species. They only vary in coat color. Both these squirrels belong to the eastern grey squirrel family. You can easily identify them because their fur appears grey. However, in some cases, they turn brownish or black.

The tails of these creatures are long and bushy. They typically measure around 40 to 50 cm. In terms of food, they prefer to eat acorns because they can quickly process the proteins found in them. It is for that reason why we commonly see the eastern grey squirrels out and about our yards, particularly during the cold season.

Red Squirrels 

Unlike the eastern grey squirrels, red squirrels are smaller. But when there are lots of them to deal with, their size won’t matter.

The red squirrels are easily distinguished because of the changes in their coat color that depends on the season. When it is warm, their fur turns reddish with patches of white on the belly. When the temperature drops, the white patch on their belly becomes grey.

In terms of tail size, the red squirrel’s tail only measures about 10 cm. Then again, don’t let its size fool you. Like other squirrel species in Toronto, red squirrels can invade your home if they feel it’s a great place to build a shelter.

Why Squirrels Love Toronto

Toronto is a favorite city for squirrels because everything they need to survive is here, including food. As long as they have access to tons of food supply, they can breed more often and give birth to bigger litters.

With the rising squirrel population in the city, the wildlife department of Toronto advises people to avoid feeding these creatures. Squirrels can find food on their own. Once they see a potential food source, chances are, you are helping increase their population.

What You Should Do

True, there are tons of wildlife species in Toronto. While show up in the public, others prefer to hide in the wilderness.

Now, if you suspect that the squirrel population in your area is becoming uncontrollable, whether it’s the red or eastern grey squirrel, seek help from wildlife removal service providers in Toronto area. They can identify what squirrel species you are dealing with and take appropriate actions to humanely and safely remove them. Just do not attempt to remove them on your own.