Wildlife Control VS Pest Control

by | Mar 17, 2016 | Helpful Tips, Pest Control

Last Updated: June 2016

Wildlife control and pest control- Two terms that have been interchanged for as long as people have been experiencing invasion by squirrel, bed bugs, raccoons, ants and more. While what they do have in common is eviction, these two services are actually worlds apart, actually, species. While one is in no way better than the other, wildlife control and pest control are services that each specialize in different aspects of commercial or home invasion (by animal) and it is important to recognize and understand the distinction as to call the right one when experiencing such problems. The repercussions in calling the wrong people to get the job done can result in fines, animal abuse, property damage and more. It may not even get the job done, and instead escalate the problem costing you more in the end.

Wildlife Control

If you have a raccoon problem, squirrel problem, bird problem or something similar, then what you need is a wildlife control technician to help you solve it. When facing mammals, birds or some reptiles, wildlife removal or wildlife control experts will gladly help you get rid of animal from property. Wildlife control technicians are trained professionals with skills of various humane methods to remove wildlife from your property. They have the experience required to successfully identify a wildlife problem, locate it, remove animal and prevent animal from re-entering. Wildlife Control experts are familiar with the rules, regulations and best practices when it comes to dealing with wildlife where as a pest control technician would not.

Pest Control

Pest control technicians would be the service to call for when experiencing problems with ants, cockroaches, bed bugs etc. Smaller critters that require something similar to an exterminator service require pest control to take care of it. Pest control experts are familiar with the best practices in bugs, insects, and should not be called in for wildlife removal. This can result in a negative outcome.

Pest control technicians, while they are experts in their field of pest removal, are not experts and not the people to call for wildlife removal. Because they have not undergone the same training as a wildlife removal technician, if they do take a wildlife removal job (which they shouldn’t) the outcome can cause more harm than good.

Problems with Hiring Pest Control for Wildlife Problems

  • Pest control companies don’t have the experience and training wildlife removal companies have
  • Thorough inspections won’t be conducted (rooftops, chimneys)
  • Improper/inhumane handling of wildlife (which can result in fines or even worse injuring or killing animal)
  • Providing inaccurate information about wildlife removal process
  • Does not have the same liability insurance
  • Incorrect disposal or removal processes
  • Damage to property
  • Complicate issue further, costing you much more in the end while not even properly solving initial problem

A great way to determine the difference between the two if you’re not sure is to see how they identify themselves. If their image represents that of a company that has to do mainly with insects, bugs etc., then don’t call them for wildlife removal.  If you’re unsure about whether you are hiring the right type of company for your problem, here are a couple questions you can ask.

  • What type of animals does your service specialize in?
  • What kind of training and licensing do your technicians have?
  • What are your animal removal methods and is it humane?
  • How many years of experience in wildlife removal do you have?
  • Does your company have liability insurance?

You can also ask the company in question to provide you with a source of reviews for you to see. In the same way the pest control shouldn’t be called for wildlife removal problems, wildlife removal companies shouldn’t be called for pest control issues. It is all about knowing what kind of problem you’re experiencing and finding a trustworthy company, specializing in this issue to help you.

If you’re experiencing wildlife control problems in your home or commercial area, call a professional wildlife control company like SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated.  Our technicians having years of experience, conduct humane methods, are honest, reputable and professional. Our services ensure that your problem will be solved, and that your property remains wildlife-free.  Call SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated at 1-800-981-0330 today for all your wildlife control concerns.