Troubles due to Neighbor’s Negligence – Raccoons Disrupt Peace

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Property Standards for the City of Toronto sets the rules and standards for all its properties. All the property owners are required to strictly adhere to it. Section 9 of Chapter 629 states, “All properties have to be kept free of pests, including rodents and insects.”

Sadly, this is not followed at all times. Here is one such instance where a raccoon from their neighbor’s home has been a menace to a typical resident of Toronto for almost 2 years!

Chris and Christina Fowler have been living in Greenwood, where their home is semi-detached from the neighbor’s house. They have been facing troubles because of raccoons and squirrels invasion.

Raccoons are mammals with grayish fur found in colder regions. They are considered to be dangerous as they can carry several diseases like rabies.

The neighbors seem to have holes in their roof through which these creatures get into the Fowlers’ house easily. The pest trouble has increased to such an alarming level that raccoon feces and tracks can be seen everywhere. The couple, along with their daughter, has resorted to sleeping on a bed in their office across the master bedroom, that is if they are able to sleep at all.

When hearing them scratch and run around the walls of the house became a daily nuisance, the family then moved down to the basement for nights.

Abiding by the law, Chris has complained to the authorities a number of times since the year 2016 when this problem began. As per the investigation services in the city, a 14-day appeal period and thereafter a 21-days period to comply with the order is given to the property owners. Failing this, the city can do whatever work that needs to be done to resolve the problem and pass on the cost to the owner’s taxes or take them to the provincial court. $ 50,000 is the maximum fine if the owner fails to comply with the order.

You cannot simply go to your neighbor’s house and fix something which causes an inconvenience to you. There is a standard procedure wherein you can take the city’s permission or take the person to court to resolve the issue which can take months and is an expensive process too.

Studies show that about 10 percent of the property owners vacate their houses due to troubles with their neighbors.

But this is not an option for the Fowlers. They are not ready to leave their family home after living there for 16 years. They have too many memories associated with the place to leave it and move elsewhere just because the neighbor is unwilling to look after their property.

This is the reason why we advise our clients not to wait till the problem gets worse or out of control. It is important that you call our professionals immediately for appropriate and quick actions.

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