Tips to Winterize Your Home to Keep Pests Out

by | Nov 27, 2017 | Pest Control

Everything about autumn is so beautiful – the plunging temperature, dwindling sunlight, beautiful colors, and the warmth inside the house. As winter approaches, we tend to find the coziness in warm places, especially inside our house. Similarly, with the decrease of temperature outside, insects and pests try to find a warmer place which can protect them from the seasonal changes. Your home could be THE place for them. When you begin to winterize your home and prepare for the weather, pests control steps should be added up in the to-do list.

Spiders, rats, mice, wasps, ants can be almost anywhere and everywhere. You do not need to invite them or wait at the door wide open. The clattering of tiny feet in the garret or the obscure lacerating in the walls can leave you being far more scared than having felt an unknown danger. These are pests attempting a break through for shelter in homes when the weather is cold outside. Preparing for an insect-free home during winter can lead you to enjoy the season at its best.

In Order to Keep Your Home Free From Insects and Pests, Try the Following Tips:

# Eliminate Potential Pest Habitats

Winterizing homes against pests is a necessary step to be taken before winter approaches. If you already have a contract with pest control services, you are right on track. If not, you can start by being cautious and picking up preventive measures for yourself. The first step is to look for probable best habitats and eliminate them.

Places which can provide the pests or insects with food, protection from the cold weather, and moisture are most favorable for them. Your house could be the best hideout. Beware!

  • Remove debris from outside the house including bricks, leaves, compost piles, and firewood. These could be great hideouts and easy access to homes for rodents, spiders, and ants. Firewood should also be stored away from house and monitored well.
  • Water drainage should be clean – in and around the house
  • Pests and insects need water to survive. Any leakage in the pipes or places which provide moisture could be an open invitation.
  • Outside area of the house should also be checked
  • Clean the yard and make sure no dampness is to be found
  • Drains should be clean with the downspouts regulating water away from the house
  • Conventional bulbs entice pests, hence, replace them with yellow or sodium vapor lights
  • Plants and trees should not make contact with any part of the house. This would make pave for insects into the house.

# Seal all the Openings

Our little friends look in for cozy places during winter to protect themselves. So, while preparing for the season, one work is to look out for openings in the house and seal them immediately. These could include windows, doors, crawl spaces, vents, cracks in the walls and foundation etc. Weather stripping could be very useful here. This will keep insects away from your home. It is unbelievable how the little rodents squeeze past a tiny hole to get access into the house. Any pipes, used in the garden area or any other purpose, should be kept safe and away from the house. Do not provide easy access to the little furry folks.

Any cracks in or around the house, small or large, should be filled. Instead of sand, use concrete for this purpose. Rodents are smart enough to scrape the soil and make way. Bathroom vents could be another breakthrough for the insects searching for shelter. Chimneys are another common entry points. Installing a chimney cap could protect this path from being an access point of the house.

Silicone caulks, used as a basic sealant against water and air penetration, could be very useful in keeping the pests and insects away from home. Seal the doors and windows. For larger cracks which cannot be restored straightaway, make some temporary arrangements with a metal insect screen and bug mesh.

If screens are used for windows, make sure they are well-maintained with tight fittings and no holes. A good option would be to replace them with storm windows.

# Avoid Easy Access to Food

During winter, insects and pests look for alternate food resources other than nature. Hence, do not give a welcoming sign to them. With necessary precautions:

  • Trash cans, closed tightly, should be away from homes
  • Food inside the house should be stored in airtight containers
  • Plants in and around the house are good source of food for insects
  • Regular cleaning of the house keeps it pest-free
  • And bird feeders should be kept away from home and cleaned regularly

# Use Home Pest Control

If you feel that these necessary home precautions aren’t working, call for the experts. If you already have a pest control service, you are right prepared to keep your house pest-free this winter. Enjoy your holidays and don’t let the unwanted guest be a cause of worry to you or your family. A little extra protection is always good. Happy Winters!