Dog in Park♥

Should Pet Owners Be Concerned About Pest Infestations

As of this week, it is officially Summer and with summer comes a multitude of outdoor activities to enjoy, for both you and your pets! Our four legged friends are coming out with us to enjoy warmer weather in parks, campgrounds, forests or even our own backyard. It’s all fun and games but we need[…]

SOS Wildlife Control

Avoiding Rabies and Dealing With Rabid Bats

Last Updated: June 2016 Wildlife removal always comes with the concern for rabies- a serious virus that presents itself in mammals and is transferred through the saliva of the animal. While not all animals carry the virus, it only takes one case of being bitten to turn into a bad situation. For this reason, it is important[…]

rabid raccoon

Rabid Raccoons City of Toronto & GTA

Last Updated: May 2016 Although not all raccoons are rabid raccoons, you should still take precaution. Canine distemper affects raccoons, dogs, skunks and other wildlife which is why it is important to stay alert and keep pets away from wild animals. The condition causes the animals to become disoriented, lethargic and even aggressive if cornered. It can cause[…]

Bat Removal

Rabies in Bats, Raccoons and other wildlife

Last Updated: May 2016 Recently the Toronto Public Health Services received confirmation of this year’s first positive rabid bat in Hamilton. I am writing this blog regarding rabies in bats, raccoons and other wildlife so you will know what prevention steps to take, learn about the symptoms, steps to take if you are bitten and[…]

Bat Removal

Bat Control

First off when it comes to Bat Control you need to know they are a protected animal. It is illegal to kill a bat in Toronto or in fact anywhere in Canada. Bats play an important role in many environments around the world. Bats help pollinate flowers like mango, banana, cocoa, durian, guava and agave (used[…]