Raccoon Trapping

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Last Updated: May 2016

There are many different raccoon removal methods of humanely removing raccoon from your property. One-way doors and live raccoon trapping are the most humane options when done correctly. One-way doors are the more preferable method as one way door has minimal to no human-wildlife interaction. The less interaction with wildlife as possible is always preferred as it is best not to interfere with their normal habits. What is a one-way door? One-way doors are specially designed doors which allow the animal(s) to exit the property and not re-enter. SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated will cover all entry holes on your property except one. This remaining hole is where the one-way door is installed and where the raccoon will exit and wont be able to re-enter.

However as every raccoon removal job is different, in some cases different methods must be used. The next most effective raccoon removal method is live raccoon trapping. If relocated after being trapped, under the Ontario laws, wildlife captured must be released back into a natural habitat no further than 1 km away.

SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated does not recommend untrained individuals to live trap a raccoon by themselves as improper trapping can and have led to accidents in Ontario where residents have tried to trap wildlife but instead have trapped neighbors pets or have forgotten about the trap and the animal has died. Raccoon trapping takes experience and knowledge of the animal and wildlife behaviour. Professional raccoon removal technicians will have both the proper equipment, experience and knowledge of provincial laws pertaining to wildlife removal processes.

Our professionally trained technicians at SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated provides a full inspection, analyzes the entry/exit points of the raccoons and installs the wire mesh cages accordingly for the most effective results. Upon successful entry of the raccoons into the cages, our technicians are contacted for pick up of the animals.

Raccoons mate between January and March and the
female raccoon can have a litter up to 7 young. The family live together for approximately 1 year. If they’ve built their den in your chimney, attic, or beneath your porch, it is likely you will need to call a wildlife control company for getting rid of raccoons. There are additional precautions that must be taken to protect the baby raccoons, for example the baby raccoons must not be relocated away from their mother and must be placed in an insulated heated box for their mother to find and relocate them.

Do-it-Yourself Raccoon Trapping Risks

Many things could go wrong trying to capture wildlife on your own which is why we always recommend calling a professional for these services. There have been instances where domesticated pets have been captured, injured, or killed. If you set up a trap in direct sunlight and are not present at the time of capture, raccoons could suffer and die from dehydration and sun stroke. If a cage is not properly set up, raccoons can get out as they are very operative with their hands. This can lead to aggravation where they could cause further damage like chewing on electrical cables, or ripping up screen doors. Raccoon trapping requires strong knowledge of wild animal control laws and regulations. Humane and effective removal of raccoons is the key both for the animals and for the residents. If you’re unsure of the extent of the raccoon problem, or unsure about the behavior of the animals or don’t have proper trapping training and licencing , we don’t recommend doing this on your own.

Yes, they can be a nuisance when they set den in or around your property, or when they go salvaging through your garbage bins for food, but their traits make them an interesting species!

  • Their masks symbolize exactly what they are supposed to: raccoons are expert thieves. Aside from using their nimble hands for food, they are known to grab small household or personal items, like make-up, and cutlery
  • They have bad eyesight, and are thought to be colorblind but they have excellent hearing and great sense of smell.

At SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated, we provide superior raccoon trapping services for residential, commercial, and industrial clients. Let us help you solve your raccoon problems. We can easily be reached at 1-800-981-0330. Don’t wait and call us to schedule an appointment for a thorough inspection to help evacuate all your unwanted wildlife guests.

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