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by | Oct 30, 2015 | Raccoon Removal

Last Updated: May 2016

With their cute masked faces and nimble hands, raccoons are one of the most intelligent and curious species in the urban wildlife. However; the raccoon problem Toronto has been experiencing in the last decade has been nothing short of bothersome to property owners and residents. These nocturnal mammals certainly live up to their reputation to be quite destructive and troublesome.
Raccoons have adapted well to the city life right here in Toronto, however, they are found in other urban, rural and wilderness areas in all parts of Ontario. They are omnivores and are known to enjoy variety of things from fleshy fruits to insects and small rodents. Raccoons have amazing dexterity and can use their front paws to pry things open, they can turn knobs, press switch buttons, and most famously can get in pretty much all garbage and compost bins. With the Toronto new green bins coming out soon it is the hope of the city that they will will help the raccoon problem, or else it will be millions put to waste if the raccoons adapt. Time will tell.
Increasing number of raccoons in Toronto has resulted in diverse reactions in humans. While some people raccoon-proof their properties, other deliberately feed them. Some wildlife experts caution residents against deliberately feeding wild animals as they could become dependent on humans as their food source. SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated agree you should not feed wildlife, and not not feeding wildlife is strongly supported by Fur-Bearing Defenders in the aid to co-exist with them. This would disrupt the ecology cycle and make wildlife’s acclimation back into the nature almost impossible. Contacting professionals ensure your raccoon problem are taken care of, as well as the effective return of these animals back to their natural environment with as little human – wildlife interaction as possible.

Closer Introduction

Physically, raccoons appear harmless and adorable. Although not at all common, people have sworn that they make friendly and lovable pets, with a little bossy and demanding attitude. Again wildlife are supposed to be wild! However raccoon are mostly known for their curious personalities. They enjoy inspecting and examining every situation before taking any action. They collect a lot of information and retain it, as they are extremely intelligent. They are very aggressive and tend to snarl, hiss, and even attack when provoked. More physically, raccoons vary in size, having a length of 40-70cm’s and a body weight of anywhere between 3.5-9kg’s. Raccoons have grayish coats with more distinctive features of having black and white facial masks and extremely dexterous front paws, with long and sharp fingernails. Most raccoon problem are caused by raccoons’ nimble-fingered paws. They can open and close doors, reach and grab food or other items on shelves, pantries, cupboards etc. and they can cause serious structural damage to one’s property by tearing holes in walls, insulation, air duct, and scratching surfaces like hardwood. Read more on our wildlife prevention page to understand how to further prevent this happening to your property.
The damage these little creatures can cause doesn’t just stop at generating hefty repair bills to property owners; they can also transmit lethal diseases such as rabies. What is rabies?  Aggressive when provoked, raccoons’ famous nimble fingers can also cut human skin deep causing various other bacterial infections. Human contact with wild raccoons is not recommended, and if a property owner is dealing with raccoon problem, they are strongly encouraged to contact professionally trained technicians. Read further in our article Rabies in Bats, Raccoons and other wildlife.

Damages Caused by Raccoon Problem

In search of shelter and bedding, raccoons will show no mercy to your property. This means their nimble hands will once again, be at work. Raccoons are wild animals and this shows in the damage they are capable of causing. They pick at drywall with their fingers, curious of what’s between the walls, they will rip apart ducts, rip through insulation, and even chew on any wires in their way. While they cause structural – sometimes major, other times minor, they can also cause electrical damage, and possibly fire in properties. While they are busy at work, ripping through one’s attic or basement, raccoons also tend to leave up to 20 droppings per day. Their droppings are bio-hazardous as they carry many diseases as previously mentioned. While they cause a lot of re-constructive work, a property that’s been infested by raccoons also requires a thorough sanitation. If you have pets and children, it is extremely imperative that you contact professionals to inspect and clear the property off raccoons, and to properly sanitize all surfaces potentially infected by their presence and droppings. SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated do provide the following services to help your raccoon removal problem: Animal Feces Removal, Attic Restoration and Attic Insulation renewal.


While DIY options may provide quick or temporary solutions, we recommend expert advice and removal services for all of your raccoon problem. In our experience sprays, deterrent chemicals, and ultrasonic noise machines have been proven to be unsuccessful raccoon removal methods. They may work for a few days but the raccoon will return. In order to avoid raccoon problem specifically, here are some preventative principles you can live by:

  • Ensure your fences (if you have them) are in good shape. Treat the wood, and fix any gaps, damages regularly
  • Make your garbage and compost bins raccoon-proof by strapping the lids down with bungee cords
  • Keep your doors and windows locked, ensure screen doors are properly shut and locked
  • Do not leave any human food, food remnants, pet food, or food packaging/containers outside
  • If you have pets, keep pet food indoors or in garage
  • Ensure motion sensor lights are in working order in and around your property as light repels raccoons. If you suffer from raccoons consistently visiting your yard, invest it motion sensor lights

These are just tips,they may not work. The best solution for your raccoon problem is a professional raccoon removal and prevention service for city of Toronto. We can cease your raccoon problem by our effective one way door or if needed live trapping method. This method allows us to ensure successful captivity of the animals, but it also helps us ensure the animals are uninjured. We treat animals humanely and ensure they are brought back to their natural habitat. We don’t recommend any lethal, poison required methods as the existence of wildlife is necessary for a balanced ecosystem and it is illegal in Ontario.

At SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated, we provide superior Raccoon Removal services for any residential, commercial, and industrial clients. Let us help you solve your raccoon problem.We be reached at 1-800-981-0330. Don’t wait and call us to schedule an appointment for a thorough inspection to help evacuate and solve your raccoon problem.