Pigeon Control

by | Oct 26, 2015 | Bird Control

Last Updated: May 2016

While squirrels and raccoons tend to run away, birds; especially pigeons, aren’t necessarily intimidated by being in close proximity with people in Toronto. Because they’re not scared of people, pigeon control has become a serious need for residents all over the Greater Toronto Area. Pigeons are acclimated to living in urban environments, creating their nests around all types of structures. While houses and shorter buildings are more popular among pigeons to call home, they have recently started trying out the higher lifestyle monopolizing condo balconies, window ledges, patios and terraces. It causes even more of a problem to the residents of these structures because pigeons usually travel and live in flocks.

The common pigeons taking over the structures in our city are called “feral pigeons”. They are urban, and can co-habitate with people in the same space without being frightened. They are mainly dark blue/grey, sometimes have white or lighter specs on their wings, have glossy greenish iridescence around the neck, and have red feet and legs. On average they are about 35 cm’s long, with approximately 65-70 cm’s of wingspan. They breed all year around with spring and summer being the peak breeding periods. Feral pigeons usually nest and breed on or in buildings with roof voids being the most popular location. Feral pigeons can live up to 15 years. Long lifespan of pigeons often result in permanent living habits as far as locations go, requiring a pigeon control need for residents.

Pigeon Characteristics

  • They can fly at an altitude of up to 7000 feet
  • They fly at an average speed of 80 mph
  • They fly on average 600-700 miles per day
  • They are known for their intelligence and complexity
  • Pigeons are one of the only small number of species in the world to pass the “mirror test”, a test of self-recognition
  • Pigeons have outstanding navigational abilities and excellent memory, they use the sun as a guide, but a study has shown that they also use landmarks, signposts, and roads. Their excellent ability to remember helps them find their homes and food without any difficulty
  • They mate for life and raise their chicks as partners
  • They have excellent hearing abilities, and can sense distant storms and volcanoes

Often times, and in reasonable proximity from one another, it’s very common to see bird food put out for pigeons on the streets of Toronto. This could be a result of a religious ceremony performed by many different religions, or just an act of humanity as many people put out bird food and/or bread crumbs out solely for feeding purposes. This can create a situation where an ongoing pigeon control measures may be necessary.  As pigeons have excellent memory, they tend to come back to areas where they can easily get fed, and bring food to their nests to feed their partners and chicks. Although it’s an act of humanity to feed the birds, it creates a problem for many people, as their feathers and droppings monopolize people’s properties, windowsills, roofs, and balconies etc. Aside from causing and unappealing presence of one’s property, pigeons are also known carriers of diseases such as salmonella, tuberculosis, and ornithosis. They are also a source of allergens, which cause respiratory discomfort as well as allergic skin reactions.

Pigeon Control Services

When faced with a pigeon control problem, one’s first instinct is to look for Do-It-Yourself solutions. Unlike rodents, raccoons, or skunks; it is often assumed that pigeons are an easier problem for people to handle themselves. In some cases, this can be true, in most; unfortunately that’s not the case. As per above, pigeons are extremely intelligent. Before resorting to any DIY options, one has to understand the capacity of the pigeon problem. One of the problems could be daytime perching, where pigeons use buildings as a point of food source. Another problem is overnight roosting, where pigeons use buildings to protect themselves at night and sleep. Another problem could be breeding. Needless to say, each of these problems would require a different type of solution. It is also crucial to understand that no matter what action one has taken to deter pigeons, it is possible that one may simply move the problem from one area to the other. This could be a frustrating and expensive experience. As with other unwanted animals and critters, pigeon control is a service that can be provided by experts. At SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated, we can take care of all of your pigeon/bird related problems. We use spikes and netting depending on your needs. We install these deterrents in a timely fashion for quick and effective results.  Not only do we use a humane technique, we also provide an ultimately permanent outcome.

If your immediate property does not require any professional pigeon control services, but you do have relevant problems in your area, you can resort to alternative options. If you live/work in an area occupied heavily by fast food outlets, and this is attracting pigeons to your area, you can contact Environment Canada for an inspection. If it’s an instance of deliberate feeding of pigeons, you can contact your respective local council. You can find your local council contacts on the City of Toronto website. There are many ways to go about when it comes to solutions for a pigeon control problem. From understanding the more basic pigeon problems yourself, to contacting the city, to getting help from the experts, don’t let pigeons be a burden to your life. Contact the experts that can provide permanent solutions quickly.

At SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated, we provide seamless pigeon control services for residential, commercial, and industrial clients. Let us help you solve your pigeon/bird problems. We can easily be reached at 1-800-981-0330. Don’t wait and call us to schedule an appointment for your pigeon removal needs.