How to Keep Ducks and Geese Out of Your Yard

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Your yard is your oasis, especially when the warm weather rolls around. Relaxing with family, friends or enjoying some me-time is always a welcome activity, especially in the comfort of your own space. However, peaceful moments can be interrupted by birds such as duck or geese infesting your yard. Although ducks and geese may be cute, they can also be dangerous and also may leave you some unpleasant droppings. Ducks and geese are attracted to many things in your yard, especially if you have a pool or any other water. Keep ducks and geese out of your yard by following these tips:

  1. Your Pet can Be a Repellent

Not only is your pet lovable, they may also be a key factor in keeping geese and ducks at bay from living in your yard. If ducks or geese notice a predator, in this case it may be your dog or cat, they will likely keep their distance. Even if your animal is not necessarily aggressive or even has a predatory side, the sight of your pet may be enough to keep ducks and geese at bay.

  1. Use a Decoy

As mentioned, ducks and geese will likely stay away from your space if they believe there is a threat lurking on your property. If you don’t have pets to use as predators, keep animal decoys on your property. You can use decoys such as swan, fox or coyote decoys, which will keep these birds scared and off of your property. If you have a pool you can also keep inflated animals in your pool such as alligators, whales or dolphins. This will not only provide a threatening appearance to your yard, but it may also prevent these birds from landing and swimming in your pool. When using the decoy method, make sure that you adjust the animals periodically by moving them around your yard in order to make it more realistic.

  1. Keep Your Yard Clean

Ducks and geese may be attracted to your yard due to potential waste that may be laying around. If these animals know that your yard has any waste or left-over food, they will likely be attracted to your home and return often for an easy meal. If you do not want to attract these birds to your yard, keep your yard clean so these birds do not have another reason to stick around.

  1. Automatic Sprinklers

If you are having trouble keeping ducks and geese off of your property, you may want to invest in motion-activated sprinklers. These sprinklers will go off when they detect movement, keeping the birds away as this sudden spray of water will certainly startle them and can be unpleasant.

  1. Use an Ultrasonic Repellent

If you are dealing with ducks and geese in your yard, a harmless method to get these birds to leave is by using an ultrasonic repellent. This machine works by emitting a high-frequency sound that humans can’t hear, but that is annoying to birds. Although this method is harmless, it is certainly annoying to animals and can prevent them from staying on your property. Keep in mind that if you have a pet at home, this method may also be annoying for them, so turning it off when your pet is in the yard is a good idea.

  1. Duck and Geese Repellent

There are also options that include chemical repellent to keep these birds away from your yard. Duck repellent is a chemical spray that is applied to your lawn and surrounding area to keep birds away. When considering this method, keep in mind that chemical sprays may be harmful and toxic if you have pets or children at home. Additionally, it may also ruin your lawn. If you are considering using chemicals and toxins, it may be time to call the professionals in order to keep you, your family and your pets safe.

  1. Call the Professionals

If you have tried different methods and are struggling with keeping ducks and geese out of your yard or you are considering using harsh chemicals on your property, it may be time to call the professionals. Here at SOS Wildife control we use effective and humane methods that are also safe for you, your family and your pets. Don’t risk using chemicals on your property, call us locally at (647) 995 – 9453 or toll free at 1-800 – 981 – 0330 for all of your wildlife removal needs.

Here at SOS Wildlife Control we understand the importance of resolving any animal infestations that you may be facing. There are many issues and potential damage that wildlife such as ducks and geese can cause when they invade your yard. We strive to solve your problem quickly and efficiently all while using safe and humane methods. With our experience, knowledge and care for our customers, we are happy to provide our services to your efficiently and promptly. If you are having wildlife problems or suspect that you may have a case, contact us as soon as possible to have your situation assessed and taken care of.